Social Listening: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

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Are you familiar with the phrase “knowledge is power”? Well, a social listening tool allows businesses to tap into the wealth of information found in daily online conversations. The tool helps you construct and fine-tune marketing strategies to elevate your overall social media presence. But what exactly is a social listening tool, why is it important, and what are the best social listening tools? In this guide, we take a deep dive into all things associated with social listening tools.

Explain Social Listening

When we refer to social listening for a brand, we usually link it to the process of monitoring social media channels like TikTok & Twitter to gather data about how your audience.

You then use this data to gain helpful insights into opinions, sentiments, and trends about specific brands, products, and topics. Finally, you use these insights to optimize your social media strategy to increase engagement on relevant social media platforms.

What Is A Social Media Listening Tool?

A social media listening tool is software or a platform that tracks, monitors, and analyzes mentions, conversations, and trends of your target audience across major social media platforms.

As already mentioned, you can use this data to search social media & gather insights into competitors, brands, and industry sentiment. In addition to tracking keywords and brand mentions, the tool also acts as a social media management platform – allowing you to manage your social media accounts much more efficiently.

Best Social Listening Tools

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1) eclincher

If there is a hint of a new development relating to your brand or industry, eclincher is the first to know about it. eclincher is a social media management software that allows you to monitor keywords and hashtags across all relevant platforms. It analyzes that information and reports helpful insights into engagement and sentiment. You can use those insights to optimize future social media campaigns to boost social media engagement.

Additionally, eclincher can also schedule all your posts and curate your content – saving you time and improving the overall quality of your posts.


Like eclincher, this social media scheduling tool and marketing platform also tracks brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords. You can then use the data gathered to conduct sentiment analysis and audience segmentation – allowing you to optimize future social media posts to resonate better with your audience.

3) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most powerful listening tools in the market. It provides advanced social media analytics on top-performing content based on keywords and topics. It also monitors brand mentions, competitor developments, and industry trends.

Additionally, BuzzSumo identifies influencers and content creators for potential partnerships to help you expand your reach and develop your brand.

4) TweetReach

TweetReach, which was once a standalone platform, is now integrated into Union Metrics. Of all the social media management & analytics tools, this one is the best for Twitter as it specializes in analyzing social data on Twitter. You can gain insights into the reach and engagement of your tweets, hashtags, and keywords. You can also monitor Twitter trends and conversations.

TweetReach provides you with recommendations on what the best time is to post and how you can optimize your content strategy to boost overall engagement.

5) Buffer

In addition to being a social media scheduling tool, Buffer also offers some handy social listening features. You can track keywords and mentions and conduct brand sentiment analysis. Buffer creates a report on engagement, reach, and audience demographics, which you can use to optimize your social media marketing strategy.

Difference Between Social Monitoring vs Social Listening

A social media monitoring tool only track and collects mentions, conversations, and engagements around specific keywords, phrases, brand names, and hashtags. The goal of this tool is to identify and respond to individual messages and posts.

In addition to monitoring, social media listening tools also analyze this data to provide the user with new trends, insights, and patterns they can use to optimize their marketing strategy. Where social monitoring is aimed at individual interactions, social listening focuses on overall sentiment, mood, and conversations around a topic, brand, or industry.

Benefits Of Social Listening Tools

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1) Monitor Brand Reputation & Health

When you track mentions, hashtags, and keywords, what you are really doing is gaining insight into how the online world perceives your brand. This allows you to understand overall emotion and sentiment towards your brand.

Additionally, you can identify potential issues or crises before they have the chance to escalate beyond repair.

2) Analyze Industry Trends & Data

In addition to providing insights into your brand, social listening tools also allows you to gain valuable insights into the broader industry trends. With this data, you can stay informed about emerging trends and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly. You can also discover new market opportunities and potential disruptions in the industry.

3) Monitor Your Competitors

Social listening tools provide helpful insights into your competitors. This allows you to:

  • Understand your competitors better
  • Learn from their marketing strategies and improve on them
  • Track new developments in competitor product launches and marketing campaigns

Getting Started With Social Listening

1) Pick Your Social Listening Tool

Picking the right social listening tool is essential to ensuring success. Opt for a tool that aligns with your needs and budget. The tool should be accurate and provide useful and easy-to-interpret analytics – use our top 5 as a guideline when choosing your social listening tool.

2) Set Your Goals & Objectives

Remember to set clear goals and objectives of what you aim to achieve by using a social listening tool. Do you want to monitor your brand reputation, identify new trends, or maybe you want to track competitors? Whatever it is, by having clear objectives, you can measure your success and make data-driven decisions.

3) Analyze Only Relevant Keywords & Data

Only analyze relevant keywords, hashtags, and mentions directly related to your target audience – this will maximize the value of your social listening strategy. By pursuing this approach, you avoid overloading yourself or your marketing team with information. Further, allowing you to focus on meaningful insights that will boost engagement and not compromise it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social listening tools?

Social listening tools are tools that monitor, analyze and track online conversations and trends on major social media platforms. This data is then compiled into a report that provides valuable insights into brand reputation, competitor and industry developments, and audience preference.

What is the importance of social listening?

It is vital for you as a business to understand and better engage with your audience, monitor your brand’s reputation and health, and make overall better marketing decisions.

How can I improve my social listening?

The best way to improve your social listening is by continually refining your keywords, setting clear objectives, and using an accurate tool that analyzes relevant data.

What are examples of social listening?

Examples include analyzing online conversations and trends related to your brand, competitors, and industry. The tool then uses this data to gather insights and construct a report for the marketing team to use to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Is social listening a marketing tool?

Yes, social listening is a valuable and very useful marketing tool.

The Bottom Line

Social listening is a vital tool in the marketing team’s arsenal they can use to elevate a business’s audience engagement and overall social media presence. Remember to use an accurate social listening tool, like eclincher, that provides helpful insights and helps propel your brand forward. Why wait? try a social listening tool today and see how you can harness the power of the tool to elevate your marketing strategy.

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