Best Social Media Scheduler Tools For Marketing Teams

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, your marketing team needs an efficient and effective solution to manage your brand’s social media presence – this is where social media scheduler tools come in. A social media scheduler tool allows your team to streamline the planning and scheduling of social media posts. But what are the best social media scheduler tools out there, and how exactly can these tools help you drive social media ROI to new highs – let’s find out!

10 Best Social Media Scheduler Tools [FREE & Paid]

1) eclincher

When it comes to being the best social media scheduling tool, eclincher excels in it. This social media scheduler tool is designed to streamline marketing teams’ content management across all major social media platforms…Some of the most applicable features this tool has include:

  • Bulk Scheduling: You are able to easily schedule multiple social media posts – this saves you time and makes it easy to plan content in advance.
  • Content Curation: Enhance your content’s effectiveness by using eclincher’s content curation feature to identify relevant content from RSS feeds.
  • Analytics: cclincher provides you with in-depth, highly accurate insights on all your social media accounts – allowing you to identify trends, track your post performance and help you optimize your posts to boost future engagement. This makes it one of the best social media management tools on the market today!
  • Team Collaboration: As already mentioned, this tool lets you streamline your workflow and makes it easier for your team to work together on anything from creating to posting posts and talking to clients. Its a great tool for managing enterprise social networks at a company!

2) Crowdfire

A versatile option for any marketing team. This tool offers a comprehensive list of features that helps your team manage multiple social media accounts. You can expect to obtain efficient content curation, smart scheduling and posting, as well as very helpful insights. It also acts as a social media listening tool which can be very helpful!

Like eclincher, the tool also features seamless integration with a wide variety of third-party apps like Canva. Crowdfire is definitely a great alternative to eclincher – this tool ensures that your social media managers have a unified and efficient workflow to elevate your company’s digital presence.

3) TweetDeck

Best Social Media Scheduler Tools For Marketing Teams

As the name suggests, this tool is specifically designed as a social media management tool for your Twitter accounts. This tool allows you to manage multiple accounts, create and schedule tweets and identify and track keywords and hashtags applicable to your business to ensure you stay ahead of the trend and obtain increased post engagement. It is very popular with social media influencer to save time & money!

Of all the social media scheduling tools, I found this one to be the best for Twitter!

4) Buffer

Buffer probably has the most intuitive interface of all the social media scheduling tools. I really had no problem learning and navigating the social media management platform.

Buffer provides you with an easy-to-use scheduling system, a well-designed social media calendar, some helpful social media analytics, and collaboration tools your team can use for future social media campaigns.

5) MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is one of the go-to options for social media agencies & businesses with smaller marketing teams. I found this tool to be extremely easy to use to schedule social media posts. You can also recycle posts and use auto-variations to generate fresh content for repeated posting.

Additionally, MeetEdgar also provides you with useful insights and tracking tools to allow you to monitor your performance metrics and boost social media ROI.

6) SocialBee

SocialBee is a top-tier scheduler tool for social media marketing teams. It is a great tool to promote your brand on social media effectively. In addition to allowing you to schedule posts, it also provides you with detailed audience analytics. This tool can also recycle posts, categorize content and provide your team with extensive collaboration features.

7) Sendible

Best Social Media Scheduler Tools For Marketing Teams

Like the other tools on this list, Sendible allows you to schedule posts on your preferred social media platform. It is a great tool to automate social media easily! But it also gives you recommendations on the best time to post your content for optimal audience engagement.

I used Sendible quite a lot, especially to create content – as this tool provides easy integration with popular content sources.

8) Agorapulse

A tool that enables you to manage multiple accounts seamlessly. Agorapulse has a useful social media scheduler tool with a customizable publishing calendar. The tool also features a unified social inbox – allowing you to keep track of all your brand mentions and messages in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

9) Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another great option for anyone looking to boost their online social media presence. It is also a very powerful social media search tool that businesses use. You can schedule and publish content on multiple platforms, conduct accurate competitor analysis, and gain helpful insights into how you can optimize engagement and drive results.

10) CoSchedule

CoSchedule offers you a user-friendly, centralized dashboard that allows you to plan, schedule and publish all your social media posts. The tool also has an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar – making planning that much easier.

Benefits Of Using A Social Media Scheduler Tool

Best Social Media Scheduler Tools For Marketing Teams

1) Maintain Posting Frequency

Social media scheduling tools ensure that you maintain a consistent posting frequency – allowing you to build a strong online presence by remaining visible and relevant to your audience.

2) Better Social Media Engagement

By now, you already know how much emphasis I put on analytics and insights – they are essential to boosting your social media ROI.

Scheduler tools analyze your brand and target audience to predict what are optimal times for posting to increase audience engagement. It also provides recommendations on how you can adjust your content strategy to boost reach and interaction – trust me, it works!

3) Save Time

You can plan, create and schedule content in bulk – boosting efficiency and freeing up precious time for other tasks.

4) Post On All Your Accounts From One Place

Scheduler tools simplify social media management by allowing you to manage all your accounts from a single dashboard. This allows you and your team to streamline workflow and increase overall collaborative capabilities.

Who Needs A Social Media Scheduler Tool?

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A social media scheduler tool is ideal for anyone looking to optimize their social media strategy, save time and maintain a consistent online presence. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Small businesses
  • Marketing agencies and teams
  • Influencers
  • NPO’s
  • Freelancers (social media managers)
  • Large enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best social media post scheduler?

eclincher is hands down the best social media post scheduler. Not only does it provide seamless bulk scheduling and automated posting, but it also has a plethora of other handy features.

What is social media scheduler?

It is a digital tool that allows marketing teams or users to plan, create and schedule social media content in advance.

What is the best free social media scheduler?

Buffer is the best free social media scheduler as it allows you to connect one type of account to the platform and provide all the features necessary to perform as a social media scheduler.

Does Google have a social media scheduler?

Google does not have a social media scheduler as a standalone tool. However, you can use Google My Business to publish posts to your Business Profile. Additionally, you can use Google Drive and Google Calendar in conjunction with social media scheduling tools.

Can I automate social media posts?

Yes, many of these social media scheduling tools mentioned in this article provide automation of social media posts.

Final Thoughts

Social media scheduling tools play a vital role in boosting your marketing team’s efficiency and productivity – ultimately driving social media ROI to new highs. Remember, there are a lot of social media scheduling tools out there, but the best ones allow you to unlock the full potential of your brand’s social media presence – that is why I like eclincher so much!

If you want to know more about how eclincher can help your business boost its social media presence, feel free to reach out to us.

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