Social Media Today Review: eClincher, New Social Media Productivity Tool

Guest Post By: Katie Leimkuehler

As a social media manager, your day is filled with posting content on multiple social media channels, interacting and responding to fans all the while hoping not to miss a beat. If you’re looking for a better method and to take your social media productivity game to the next level than you need to try eClincher—the newest social media management tool on the market that’s not just efficient, but 100% user-friendly. Of course, there are other social media management tools out there, but in my experience this is why eClincher is the ultimate social media productivity system.

1.  The analytics are outstanding. As a social media manager, I prepare quarterly reports and pull that data and analytics from every social media channel.


Social Media Analytics


eClincher solves that problem and gets bonus points for incorporating Google Analytics (including displaying real-time traffic), LinkedIn company page analytics, Blogger and YouTube into their analytics dashboard. No more hunting after data. You can find it all in one place. Not to mention the analytics are easy to understand and visually appealing. Users also have access to unlimited analytics reports for both your social media and websites.

2. One universal inbox. Why check all your private messages on each channel individually if you don’t have to? eClincher offers one Unified Social Inbox for all your channels. This includes new followers, notifications, comments on your LinkedIn company page, Facebook messages, Google + comments and more. The best part: You control what you see. If you don’t want notifications, you simply turn it off. You can choose the social media channels you get messages from and categorize them. So every important message from an influencer or a potential customer can be labeled and categorized making them easy to find. The biggest benefit the inbox offers—a search tool bar. So you can find messages later and not have to dig through years of auto-replies.

3. The ultimate social media scheduling tool. There are so many reasons this scheduling tool outperforms other ones.


schedule social


First off, it lets you schedule the same post for multiple days. If you want to share a Tweet this month and next month, no problem. That feature alone is a huge time saver. It also allows you to schedule posts on Pinterest, which only a few social media management tools offer. Additionally, you can view your entire month’s worth of social media posts in a calendar view or list view that makes it easy to see what you have scheduled on what days. The scheduling tool also allows you to track post performance, so you know what content is hitting and what’s not. And if you’re still working on perfecting that post, you can put your content in draft mode and save it until you’re ready to schedule it.

4. Outreach and Custom feeds are a game changer. Not sure where to connect with potential customers on social media? Create Outreach Feeds with specific search terms and begin finding and connecting with people in need of your products or services.


Social Media Monitoring


These feeds are the easiest and quickest ways to monitor trends, competitors, and ways to reach your audience. The Outreach Feed is designed to help you connect with potential clients or customers by devoting a feed to certain keywords, phrases and hashtags so you won’t ever miss the opportunity to connect with someone who is looking for what you do. The goal of Outreach Feed is to help generate daily leads. At the moment, the Outreach Feed is only available for Twitter, but Google + and Instagram will be added very soon.


Social Media Outreach


The Custom Feed is similar and allows you to monitor your brand, competitors, keywords, hashtags, positive or negative sentiment and location. The Custom Feed helps you stay up to date on real time conversations people are having about your industry, company or services. Want more specifics? You can create feeds based on people, top posts or more general ones using the keywords and phrases you provided. Currently the Custom Feeds offers monitoring for Facebook and Twitter, but soon will also include Instagram and Google +.

If you’re looking for a tool that is designed with the user in mind then definitely try out eClincher. This social media productive platform makes the overwhelming process of managing a few to a hundred social media account much easier. Try it out at

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