5 Examples of Great Holiday Social Media Marketing

Holiday social media marketing campaigns flood into our channels as soon as Halloween is over. So many businesses try to appeal to the general holiday feeling, reminding us that Christmas is around the corner. We start seeing holiday-themed billboards, TV ads, social media campaigns, and emails. And then the music…the Christmas caroling is in every […]

Tips to Effectively Manage Digital Presence for Small Businesses

This blog was updated in March 2021. Reaching out and forging new relationships is critical to any business. It might seem easier to do in person. But, how do you effectively manage your digital presence online if you’re a small business?  With more than three billion people active on social media and growing, these platforms […]

How To Find Content For Your Social Media

Finding valuable, entertaining, educational, and relevant content can be a time-consuming task. Indeed, social media managers spend hours trying to find material for social media. And it’s important to do that to follow all the industry trends. Today’s markets are highly dynamic and disruptive – things happen fast! Companies that have enough resources to hire […]

4 Best Black Friday Promotion Tips for Your Business

With the holiday season underway, the marketing world is focusing on our buying motivations. The first high of ceaseless promotion and endless special offers comes during Black Friday. Last year, American shoppers spent an estimated $5 billion in just 24 hours – growing by almost 17% since the year before. Black Friday is an increasingly […]

13 Easy Ways to Generate Content for your Blog

You have finally started a blog for your business or agency because everybody is doing it.. duh. Great content converts into great leads, new clients, sales etc. that much has been proven. With so many different types of blog posts existing in the blogosphere today: Product Updates, Industry News, Reviews, Case Studies, Current Events, How-To’s, Cheatsheets, […]

Promoting Your Brand on Medium.com

Medium.com has become a great platform for bloggers and brands who have something to share with their readers. If you are a blogger with insights that you would like to share with others, Medium.com is your platform. If you are a brand with the latest industry tips and tricks, Medium is a great promotional tool. […]

Ask Yourself: Should I be on Medium?

June 28th, 2017 Have you heard of Medium? Who hasn’t? (Don’t be shy, leave your name in the comments) I was vaguely familiar with Medium, the publication site, but haven’t seen anything about it until I clicked on one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s articles on LinkedIn, and there was the shiny M…     At first […]

The 7 Content Must Do’s Of Social Media

You get it. Your business needs to build and grow a social media following. If you know this, then you are most likely doing your best to share content that you think will attract engaged readers on a daily basis. You have a posting schedule and a handful of quality content waiting to be shared. […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Growth Hack Your Content Marketing Strategy

Meet Mudit Jain, he is a young entrepreneur that is the Founder and CEO of Talkers Code, a popular site with over 100,000 monthly visitors and a large library of free tutorials on programming and web design. He has a super smart content marketing strategy of offering huge amounts of free content, in the form of […]