Become An Ad Expert: An Effective How-To Guide

become an ad expert

The ad industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries in the world. Becoming an ad expert requires years of experience, certifications, and a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other forms of advertising. Let’s consider the market as it is right now.  Ever since the […]

How to Avoid Your Emails Ending Up in Spam: 14 Breath-Saving Tips

14 breath saving tips how to avoid your emails ending up in spam

If you’re an email marketer, chances are that your emails ending up in spam at some point, has been a reality. As a business owner, marketing agency, or franchise, this is frustrating and disheartening. You’re spending time, resources and opportunities to send emails that don’t even make it to your audience! The good news is […]

Master Email Subject Lines With These 9 Tips

It’s the first thing your recipients see when your email lands in their inbox. And it’s going to play a huge role in determining whether or not they actually open your email. In fact, 35% of recipients make the call based on this one factor alone. Still, some marketers too easily throw email subject lines […]

How to Start Email Marketing

If you’re to ask any marketer the best form of digital marketing, the short answer you would get is email marketing. Statistics show that it’s the top marketing strategy, carrying the highest return on investment over other types of marketing. Specifically, Monetate’s eCommerce Q1 report from 2013 shows that email generates a higher conversion rate […]

How to Build a Massive Email List and Boost Sales x10

how to build a massive email list and boost sales x10

You likely already know how important having a growing email list is for your brand. Before we speak about email lists, though, let me tell you a story. I was working once in a company that was struggling with customer acquisition. We had a kickass product, we had a great design, a sales funnel, an […]