9 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Video Marketing in 2021

9 ways to get more roi from your video marketing

86% of marketers like you say that videos have increased traffic to their website tremendously. It’s not a secret how using the power of video marketing in your business model can generate many benefits. But it’s easy to ignore the facts and the standard tactics which can result in the growth we are striving for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Messenger Bots

Chatbots are immensely valuable for businesses that need improvements in their customer service and user experience. These online bots are supported by a range of different platforms, but Facebook Messenger bots are probably the most popular option that brands are really diving into. For years, Facebook Messenger bots have been transforming businesses and changing the […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Paid Facebook Ads


With over 1.6 billion daily active users and about 80 million business pages, Facebook remains the king according to social media statistics. But what’s more worth noting is that 26% of users who clicked on ads made a purchase, making paid Facebook ads an important part of businesses. To be clear, we’re not referring to […]

How to Increase Engagement in Your Private Facebook Group

Engagement in social media can help strengthen your brand’s value to people. When people form a community, you gain new and loyal followers who can ultimately help you achieve your business goals. Building a community is only the first step, though. Increasing community engagement is absolutely crucial. People engage in a community that they’re passionate […]

Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Group


You already know that these days, you need to get creative on social media if you want to move the needle. Organic reach is virtually nonexistent. Facebook ads work but are getting more competitive, and the learning curve is pretty steep. What can you do to get ahead in the game? You can create and […]

10 Things to Check While Doing a Facebook Audit

Fact: Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms for brands to market themselves on. For this reason, it’s important for businesses to strategize, plan, and review their online presence and marketing efforts. This helps you to remain relevant and impactful. Conducting a Facebook audit should not only be done once but as often […]

The Benefits of Facebook Ads: 11 Reasons Why You Need Them

Do you ever wonder if all the Facebook ads you see in your news feed are actually effective? It’s especially interesting considering that sometimes you find them to be annoying and a total nuisance. In actually, they can work wonders and if you’re a business owner, you should think about getting on board, because you might […]

13 Tips for Effective Facebook Targeting

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say Facebook targeting requires the right technique, knowledge, and content. Facebook targeting isn’t intuitive, and everyone has a different way of doing it, promising that their method is the best. You’re on a constant search for the right steps to take and guidance on exactly how you […]

Facebook Cheat Sheet: 7 Tiny Tricks for Better Organic Reach

Facebook is a powerful tool for your business. With over 2.38 billion monthly active users during the first quarter of 2019, this social media giant is an excellent platform for reaching a large audience. However, with over 60 million businesses promoting their products and services on Facebook, competition can be tight. If you want to […]