Top 3 Examples of Exceptional Social Media Leveraged by SMBs

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Huge corporate brands, like Nike and Coca-Cola, have such well-thought marketing campaigns that they go viral every time. Their funds allow them to include A-list celebrities in their product promotion or pay for a Super Bowl commercial. However, on the social media ground; small and big-time marketers have equal chances for success because you don’t need millions to run great marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You only have to be creative and know your audience. That’s why we’ve compiled our top three examples of social media use by SMBs. We want to show you that it’s not about the size of your budget.

With social media marketing, everything is about strategy and execution. If you don’t have great ideas and a good execution plan, you’ll keep falling flat. Otherwise, you’ll manage to make enough noise to stand out from the competition and grow your brand. These social media campaigns of SMBs go beyond the norm, so take a look at how they do it.

Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear is a sunglasses brand that flourished through a smart combination of Instagram influencer marketing and Facebook Ads. They have used many social media tactics to grow from a few people selling glasses out of their backpacks – to business with hundreds of thousands of followers and a seven-figure revenue. So, what is it that they’re doing exceptionally well?

Let’s start with their Facebook Ad strategy. They let their audience do the talking by creating ads that highlighted their customer comments and reviews about their products. That combination of visible engagement and customer feedback is the social proof that leads people to click. The company was able to decrease their CPC (cost per click) by 40% and achieve a higher CTR (click through rate.)

Besides Facebook Ads, they are also successfully leveraging the power of Instagram. On their Instagram feed, you can see tons of user-generated content – photos and videos of their customers wearing their sunglasses. Their hashtag #blenderseyewear has been in more than 60K posts, which tells us that their audience is quite engaged.


Casper is the company that’s been on the forefront of the direct-to-consumer mattress industry in the past few years. They are the perfect example of how to inject humor into marketing without being inauthentic, crude, or offensive. According to research, fun links to higher memory recall. It means that if you infuse your social media marketing messages with humor, it will be easier your target audience to remember.

To pull it off, Casper wanted to focus on the value their products bring, instead of making it all about mattresses. They’ve focused on – sleep. Most people don’t care about mattresses unless they’re shopping for one. So, instead of making all of their content about the benefits of their beds or how to pick one, they went on sharing entertaining content about sleep. That way, people would follow them even if they don’t want a mattress at the moment.

Also, Casper is always active, posting on their social media every day. In addition to this, it’s essential to understand that your audience doesn’t follow you on each social platform. That’s why you should occasionally publish the same piece of content to each one of your profiles to reach as many people as possible. And instead of doing it manually, the easiest way would be to use a useful social media management tool to schedule your social media posts to publish on different social media platforms.



Another example of social media use by SMBs that we could learn a lot from. First of all, there’s no need to talk about the competitiveness in the phone case industry. You don’t even have to be manufacturing them. Just buy tons of different cases in bulk and resell them. Peel, on the other hand, stand out because they’ve established a brand. Their biggest selling point is that the thin phone cases they sell are both stylish and functional. To tell their story and communicate value, Peel uses Facebook video ads. According to this case study, it works great for them, as they’ve managed to increase their revenue 16 times and achieve a 3x higher ROI.

Peel is also successful when it comes to organic social. Their Instagram feed is quite visually appealing and cohesive. They are great when it comes to customer interaction and responding to their comments and messages. Social customer care on that level is essential for any company that wants to succeed on social media. Of course, as your brand grows, it will become more and more difficult to manage all the incoming interactions from different social networks. With a good Social Media Inbox, you’ll get a centralized communication system that will make it easier to stay on top of all your social interactions in one place.

Social Media Management Tools are Your Friend!

The key takeaways from these examples of great social media use by SMBs are:

  • Including social proof.
  • Building relationships with both traditional and non-traditional influencers.
  • Encouraging the use of a branded hashtag to boost engagement and get user-generated content.
  • Share content on all your social media accounts to boost your reach.
  • Create evergreen content.
  • Use humor whenever you can.
  • Establish your brand voice.
  • Prioritize social customer care.
  • Experiment with social media advertising.

The wide range of these tactics and processes can be supported and amplified by the use of a great social media management tool. With eClincher, you’ll get a unified social media inbox for keeping track of all brand interactions. You’ll also get a tool for publishing and scheduling posts, monitoring hashtags and mentions, and an analytics dashboard.

The best thing about social media marketing is its accessibility. Regardless of your stage, size, and budget – you can utilize it to build your brand. Startups and small companies that have just started can use these examples as a confirmation that they can do it as well (if they get their creative juices flowing). Get your juicer ready 🙂

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