Top 5 Best Social Media Marketing Blogs

The world of social media (and digital marketing in general) changes and evolves continually. Therefore, it requires constant self-development, learning, and staying on top of social media trends. Whether you’re a marketer or a business owner, setting aside a few hours to read the best social media marketing blogs could be of enormous benefit to you.

These blogs can provide an insight into the latest tip articles, guides, and case studies. That way, you will know what digital marketing trends you should know about and what strategies perform best. It’s all a part of the art of social media marketing.

Social Media Lab

Thanks to their best practice guides and in-depth case studies, the Social Media Lab is rightfully acclaimed. Launched in 2017, they publish new posts bimonthly along with podcast versions. Their work focuses on testing concepts and theories, giving analytical and intellectual ballast to the rumors about best paid and organic practices on social media.

Much of their content focuses on inducing engagement, driving impressions, and increasing reach. Among their writers are Scott Ayres (renowned social media blogger) and Jason How (Facebook ads expert.) Also, they put social media wrap-ups now and then to summarize their most important discoveries for a given period.

Do you want to learn if Facebook has a problem with third-party scheduling apps? Does using emojis in your tweets help improve your engagement and impressions? Is it worth investing in Twitter Promote? You can find your answers on Social Media Lab that will help you master the art of social media marketing.

Social Media Examiner

For those who want to explore the possibilities and opportunities offered by social media networks, Social Media Examiner is the best starting point. They provide ten downloadable SMM industry reports as well as more than 350 pages of fantastic blog content.

They cover everything from weekly news to expert interviews to Facebook marketing tips. For example, in their post How to Improve Your Social Video Content,” they compiled tips from 10 video experts. If you’re about to dive into video content production, it’s something worth reading.

The writers of Social Media Examiner publish articles every day or two. Their instructional content is quite easy to follow, and charts and graphs are very well deployed. With articles from social media experts, such as Lisa D. Jenkins and Michael Stelzner (and many other specialists), you can learn a lot about social media marketing whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Convince and Convert

One of the most popular content marketing blogs, Convince and Convert also hosts some of the best quality content on social media marketing. They regularly offer new material, with a focus on case studies, useful tools and tips, opinion pieces, and How-To guides.

Beginners can surely benefit from exploring the content of Convince and Convert. However, it’s more valuable to those already experienced with social media marketing.

The content is usually about specific topics that require some existing experience and knowledge with social media. For example, how to leverage psychology strategies to reinforce your social media campaigns, or how to create an influencer marketing agreement.


Socialnomics is the blog that spawned from Erik Qualman’s best selling book. Also, he made a YouTube video Social Media Revolution,” which became a hit in 2009. The blog covers stories, studies, and statistics on social media with an emphasis on making money.

The detailed studies and information this blog offers can help your business stand out and ahead of your competitors. They often post analysis on the latest social media features and how different businesses run their social media. If you want to learn more about how to increase your brand awareness and bottom-line – Socialnomics is the place to be.

Social Media Today

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Last but not least, Social Media Today is another great social media marketing blog you should bookmark in your browser. Whether you’re looking for tips or news, the blog has an impressive library of content. For content creation, SMT relies on an extensive network of regular contributors.

They are continually reporting on the latest releases, algorithms, and features that you need to know when planning your social media strategies. Moreover, you get other types of valuable material, such as opinion articles from experienced marketers and tips from social media specialists. As for their update frequency, they post new content daily (and up to a few times per day.)


Without relevant and trustworthy sources of information and guides, as well as social media management tools, it would be much harder to succeed in social media marketing. The art of social media marketing requires constant learning, work, and self-development.

These blogs are there to share social media truths and make you more aware and stronger. Marketers and business owners understand that social media is among the quickest, most cost-efficient, and best marketing strategies in the realm of digital marketing.

As for social media management, eClincher is an all-encompassing platform that lets you manage all your social profiles from one place. It comes equipped with features that enable you to:

  • Manage all social conversations in one place (Social Inbox)
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  • Monitor hashtags, mentions, and keywords
  • Curate content

You need to keep your eyes wide open if you want to succeed in your social media marketing endeavors. Also, it’s not just about keeping track of the latest news (such as new forms of social media content or changes to the Facebook algorithm), but also about knowing what strategies perform best, what tools to leverage, and what trends to learn. Check out these blogs and read them regularly, because staying knowledgeable is the best way to master the art of social media marketing.

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