Top 7 Instagram Tips for Businesses

We all want to be famous on Instagram, but honing in on the right strategy can feel overwhelming. Let’s not waste any time. We’re going to get right into our top seven Instagram tips so that you can dominate on the platform.

Top 7 Instagram Tips to Grow Your Biz Online

1. Utilize Instagram Stories, Live, and General Videos

This. Is. Everything. Let’s start with video content.

Video content consistently outperforms posts that rely solely on images or (gasp!) text only. Haven’t you ever wondered why YouTube is the second biggest search engine? This is why! People love videos.

This type of content is so powerful, in fact, that social media posts with video get 48% more views. So, if you guessed that you need to be posting more videos on your IG, you guessed correctly.

Now, let’s get to Instagram Stories and Live.

We are in the age of Stories and Live, and it’s for a couple of reasons. For starters, this type of content tends to be more genuine, authentic, and relatable. While your feed posts might be heavily edited, Stories and Live are more organic and real. It helps breathe life into your brand (or your clients’ brands).

Secondly, when you post a Story or live video, something really neat happens: The platform features you at the very top of people’s news feeds, as opposed to burying you in the endless scroll. I’m talking about this — check out fitness influencer Katie Crewe’s IG Story on my news feed.

katie crewe instagram story

As opposed to me *hopefully* seeing one of her static posts while scrolling through my feed, she’s front and center, thanks to sharing a Story.

Videos, Stories, and going live on Instagram will make you far more visible on the platform. Also, consider using the best unfollow app for instagram 2022 to monitor your followers!

With e-clincher you can directly post images and videos to business pages as well as track your analytics for all types of posts, including Stories and video content. This is how you can determine if what you’re sharing is really resonating with people and gaining the traction you want it to.

When it comes to this list of Instagram tips, this is high-priority! Hop on the video bandwagon immediately, if not sooner.

2. Optimize Your Posts for the Platform — Every Single Time

Are you taking the content you post to Facebook and posting it directly to Instagram, exactly the same?

Stop that this instant!

What works on Facebook won’t work on Instagram or other platforms. If you really want to make your IG page work for you, then you need to adjust your content to fit the platform.

This means changing the dimensions of the photo since squares work best on Instagram. Yes, it’s an added step, but you can access your Canva account from right within e-clincher, and the dimensions are already pre-set for you. All you have to do is throw your image in, and you’re done.

What about hashtags? Hashtags tend to hurt Facebook performance but are an absolute must for Instagram. e-clincher includes suggested hashtags so that you can narrow down what works best for you. Plus, you can save your hashtags to further optimize the process of posting on Instagram. Instead of always re-typing one hashtag at a time, use your saved tags.

e-clincher saved tags

This saves you time not only because you’re not constantly typing in hashtags, but you won’t have to start your research from scratch when looking for the best hashtags for each post. The work is already done.

3. Think in Terms of the Grid

After all, when people navigate to your main page, that’s what they’re going to see: a grid. What does yours look like?

Every individual post matters, as does how every post flows into the next. Maintaining consistency between all of this content is important for building a familiar, recognizable brand on social media.

e-clincher has a new mobile planning grid that makes it easier than ever to see what the bigger picture is going to look like. Plus, using our free image libraries and image editor, you can plan not just eye-catching posts but entire batches of posts that all work together to contribute to your online presence.

instagram grid

It’s not just about an isolated post. It’s about the overall experience people have with your brand on your page.

4. Get Your Team on the Same Page

The more cooks in the kitchen, the messier things tend to get. Do you have more than one person managing a single account? Then you need to take this into consideration. This is one of the Instagram tips that so many brands tend to neglect.

For instance, is there an approval process? What does it look like? How do you manage it? On the e-clincher platform, you can select exactly who the content should go to for final approval. And because you have the mobile grid, you can ensure that no matter who is creating a post, the entirety of your page will be recognizably you.

e-clincher post approval process

5. Re-Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is gold. But trying to capture and share it out to your audience can be a major pain.

You’ve got to do it, though, and from the unified inbox in e-clincher, you can easily re-share UGC for some seriously potent engagement.

Remember how important these customer reviews are. Shoppers and potential shoppers are going to believe what a current customer says long before they’ll believe what the brand says. This is why UGC is so powerful (and why you need to be re-sharing it) — it’s essentially free promotion.

inbox notifications

6. Post Consistently and Regularly

We all say that we’re going to be good about this when we first start managing a page… but then something happens.

Posting starts to feel old. You don’t feel like it. You’re busy. We totally understand. But you have to do it. And it can be pretty painless when you have the right tools. For instance, use e-clincher’s direct publishing to Instagram to get your latest post out in mere seconds and just a few clicks.

You might also consider utilizing “batch work.” This means you combine similar tasks and tackle them all at once. For example, every Friday, schedule out all of your posts for the following week. That way, it’s done and you don’t have to think about it. Batch work keeps you efficient.

e-clincher post sample

7. Dive Into the Data

How do you know if what you’re doing is working? Do you just guess?

Of course not. You study the data. Analytics and insights are vital if you want to be able to determine if your strategy is paying off. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing.

To save you a step, we’ve made it possible to connect your Google Analytics account to your e-clincher account. Monitor traffic sources, time spent on site, and so much more.

Additionally, our native analytics will provide valuable information to help you better shape your social media approach by analyzing your Instagram activity as well as your competitors.

instagram analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my Instagram business look better?

Create content that’s focused, engaging and easy to navigate. You can do this by using a consistent color scheme/theme, picking high-quality images as featured photos on each post, and curating your posts in an organized way so people know what kind of content they can expect when they click on it.

What is the best way to post on Instagram for business?

The best way to post on Instagram for a business is to use a social media management tool like eclincher. eclincher can automate your Instagram posts to simplify your process and improve engagement.

How do small businesses get noticed on Instagram?

Here are some proven strategies that you can use to get noticed on Instagram so that you can start building an engaged following: Optimize Your Profile, Leverage Hashtags & Geotags, and Engage with Fans!

How many times should a business post on Instagram?

A business should target posting at least one time per day on Instagram. However, there is no firm rule and you should target as much high-quality content as possible!

Final Thoughts

Instagram feels like a mystery to many — a riddle that they’re constantly trying to solve. But rest assured that growing on this platform is similar to growing elsewhere. Focus on providing valuable, high-quality content to your target audience, and you’ll reap the rewards. Which one of these Instagram tips will you work on first?

Want to learn even more? Check out our Instagram cheat sheet, which offers 14 tips to take your IG game to the next level.

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