What Do Millennials Care About? It’s Not What You Think

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Understanding what matters to millennials is a crucial part of running a successful business in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see through the heart and soul of millennials? To understand what really matters to them, so you can connect on a deeper level? As you read further, you’ll discover what piques the interest of millennials. Better put your assumptions aside, because it’s not entirely what you think. What do millennials care about?

And, importantly, how you can shape your digital marketing strategy to get their attention?

If your brand hasn’t made moves to engage with this generation, you’re seriously falling behind. Millennials have the greatest purchasing power of any generation. Furthermore, they’re actively looking for you to engage with them on social media. 62% says that if you do, they’re more likely to become a loyal customer.

What do you need to know about them? What do millennials care about? Let’s keep digging.

What Do Millennials Care About? 11 Things to Highlight in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Experiences

Millennials want to experience something genuine and incredible. They want to build lasting memories.

An excellent example of this one is planning a wedding. During the time of the baby boomers, it wasn’t uncommon to attend a big wedding that the couple poured a lot of money into. There’s nothing wrong with this, but a millennial might see this differently.

They might rather have a simple and intimate wedding, because the really cherry on top — an experience that’s just as good, if not greater — is the honeymoon adventure. The travel.


Even Forbes wrote about how much millennials have shaken up the wedding industry. They care about the experience — not the status symbol of spending a fortune. Therefore, businesses market their products in such a way that will show millennials how their experience will be better as a result of purchasing from that brand.

For instance if your brand creates luggage and you’re releasing a new suitcase, don’t just market the suitcase. Market the experiences and trips around the suitcase. Make the product a part of a bigger experience.

2. Values

Millennials care about values — and they’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftop. Maybe it’s because baby boomers raised them to speak up. Maybe it’s because of social media. What we know for sure is that millennials care about matters like bullying, mental health, and issues of politics. They will push for change, encourage allies to join them, and even create their own causes.

Millennials apply the same principles to the companies they support and brands they patronize. The majority of millennials buy from companies that support things they care about — and avoid the others. For instance, they won’t buy from a company that discriminates against certain races or sexualities.

Tip: Make your marketing and branding inclusive. Include all kinds of people from all walks about life.

3. Purpose

Millennials want to do something with their life other than just earn a living. Gone are the days of adhering to what is comfortable, “normal,” and safe. Millennials are interested in the problems of the world, like climate change, animal extinction, and GMOs. They want to get involved and find their purpose by being inspired by the change they want to make.

Millennials aren’t satisfied with tangible products themselves. They want to find out what drives the brand to produce what they are selling, and if the company wants to create change.

A good strategy is to add a charitable element, because millennials want to be part of a mission. Do something with your brand to give back. It’s not just about making money.

4. Budget-friendliness

Millennials are known to be bad at money management, but this is nothing more than an unfounded blanket statement. In actuality, some studies have found that the generation is better about tracking their spending and sticking to a budget than baby boomers. Plus, more of them have increased contributes to their 401(k)s too.

If you want to connect with millennials, you brand needs to recognize and respect this. Ensure you’re giving them a lot of value for what you’re charging them. They are look at price tags and comparing their options.


5. Keeping Up With Their Connections

Millennials want to stay connected. Many of them (if not most) sleep with their cell phones beside them, have social network profiles, and normally choose to talk to their friends online instead of seeing them in person. They connect with people in an entirely different way. Yes, it removes in-person interactions. But it also makes communicating faster, easier, and more abundant.

Businesses that want to sell to millennials need to connect with them on their terms. By creating websites, social media pages, mobile messaging, apps, and e-mail marketing, brands can quickly reach their audiences. Once they can do this, they will find it easy to market their products and reach a broader range of their target audience.

6. Having Choices

Millennials are part of a world that offers them a lot of choices, and they appreciate being able to make them on their own. This gives them a sense of control and independence.

One good example is the Amazon Prime Video subscription. It lets them watch thousands of movies anytime they want at home or anywhere else. By giving them the option to watch any movie they want, anywhere, and at any time, they don’t fall short on attracting millennials. Amazon Prime Video also has different options to pay.

Put millennials in the driver’s seat, and let them be a little creative. Don’t try to confine them. They’re looking for a personalized, customized experience that meets their needs and wants.

7. Eco-friendliness

Sustainability is quickly becoming a deciding factor when millennials go shopping. Most millennials don’t want to be caught buying from brands that harm the planet. Lately, there has been a massive increase in company products that promote “green living.” A good example is fast food chains having meatless options and beauty brands that are launching eco-friendly lines and products not tested on animals.

Straws and plastic grocery bags are being banned in certain cities and states. People are shifting toward a zero-waste lifestyle. People are finally caring about cleaning up the ocean.


Therefore, a brand’s products, packaging, and sourcing are all subject to the scrutiny of millennials. They’re holding brands to a higher standard. Be kind to the planet and its creatures, or they’ll shop somewhere else.

True, this might be a long-term approach, but it’s worth looking at your brand and products immediately, if not sooner. Can you reduce the single-use plastic in your packaging? Are your suppliers responsibly sourcing their items? What can you do to reduce the carbon footprint if your brand?

8. Diversity and Equality

Millennials want to honor a brand that promotes diversity and equality because it also tells them that everyone is welcome. When millennials know that you are promoting equality inside and outside of the workplace, you’ll get their attention.

Likewise, if they learn you’re doing anything to promote hate against a certain group of people, they’ll go to your competitors.

9. Recognition

Millennials seek recognition more than any other generation, which proves that the generation is all about individualism. Therefore, millennials want to publicize as much as they can, and the one tool responsible for this is social media.

Don’t just talk to millennials. Give them a platform to speak from. Share their content, tag them, say hello, or feature them on your channels. They’ll enjoy engaging with you, and they’ll appreciate that you care about what they have to say.

It’ll help them feel less like you’re just trying to sell to them, and more like you’re genuinely trying to solve a problem they have.

10. Healthy Living


What do millennials want, you ask? They want to purchase things that are good for them. Studies show that millennials are leading the way when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle and making good choices.

And make no mistake about it: They’re willing to pay more for a product if it’s safer and healthier than its competitors.

For food and beverages, this might mean using healthier sugar alternatives. Milk alternatives like almond, cashew, and coconut milk are growing in popularity (partly for health reasons, and also because of animal cruelty).

It’s not just about nutrition, either. Millennials want to be healthier at work, with standing desks and walking meetings. They’re also willing to spend extra for nice, sturdy, long-lasting apparel from brands like Lululemon.

How can your brand appeal to millennials’ desires to be healthy both physically and mentally?

11. Speed and Convenience

One of the major reasons why millennials are addicted to social media is because of the instant gratification it provides. By aligning responses to followers in a certain manner, they will stay loyal to the brand. Waiting a day or two to respond to their queries won’t do your brand any good. Remember, it’s not hard for your millennial shoppers to find an alternative.

Monitor your social media inboxes so that you can respond to messages quickly. Be on the lookout for comments on your posts. If someone tags you in something, acknowledge it with a like and a comment as soon as possible.

Social media moves fasts and that real estate is competitive. Stay on top of your online activity!

The world of marketing and advertising is ever-evolving. What worked five years ago won’t work today. Heck, what worked five months ago won’t work today. Brands need to be willing to adapt to the changing landscape, or they won’t see success.

Millennials have unfairly gotten a bad reputation. In truth, they’re just different, plain and simple. Whether brands like this or not, you can’t deny the importance of being able to answer the question: What do millennials care about? With their massive purchasing power and the influence they hold on social media, appealing to them isn’t just beneficial. It’s absolutely necessary.

Doing this is easy when you have the right social media management tool. For instance, you can use eClincher’s unified social media inbox to see your conversations, messages, comments, and mentions in one place. Cut back on the time you spend on your profiles while simultaneously improving your strategy and seeing better results.

What Do Millenials Care About In The Workplace?

When it comes to the workplace, there are some core things millennials care about.

  • Meaningful work
  • Having a positive worklife balance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Having a good relationship with their managers

They also care about having access to the latest technology, having opportunities to learn and grow, having a good work culture, and having a supportive work environment. The environment in the workplace has continued to change from generation to generation.

As long as millennials have an opportunity to grow and advance their careers they’re happy!

The Bottom Line

So what do millennials care about? From healthy living to fun experiences, it seems like this generation is after it all. And there’s no doubt that businesses are taking notice. If you want to appeal to millennials, make sure your marketing strategy takes these things into account. Are you targeting millennials in your marketing efforts?

Not quite ready to dive right in yet? No worries. Try eClincher for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Millennials value most?

Millennials value experiences, personalization, authenticity, and transparency. They appreciate companies that are socially and environmentally conscious, and also value flexibility, communication, and collaboration. They are more likely to invest in experiences, such as travel and leisure activities, rather than physical possessions.

What social issues do Millennials care about?

Social issues that millennials care about include climate change, environmental protection, affordable healthcare, equal access to healthcare, Immigration reform, and increased diversity. Spend a few minutes on Twitter and you will quickly find out what millennials care about most!

What are Millennials passionate about?

Millennials are passionate about issues such as sustainability, social justice, and economic equality. They are also passionate about technology and staying up to date with the latest trends, as well as being actively involved in their communities and finding ways to give back.

What experiences do millennials want?

Millennials are looking for experiences that are unique, creative, and edgy. They want experiences that are immersive, interactive, and that offer a sense of adventure and exploration. Millennials also want experiences that provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as to socialize and build meaningful connections with others. They love attending concerts, festivals, hiking trips, and much more!

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