Why You Need Pinterest for Business

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Did you know that Pinterest influences more sales than Facebook? Yes, this underrated social media platform has been helping businesses increase their overall sales — either through online purchases or through their brick and mortar stores. In fact, 93% of Pinners use the platform for planning their purchases. If you haven’t started Pinning yet, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your sales. The numbers say it all. Here are the reasons why you need Pinterest for business.

Why You Need Pinterest for Business

First, a Few Important Pinterest Statistics

While a lot of people associate Pinterest with wedding planning or treat it like a clipboard for crafts and cookie recipes, this social network is so much more than that. Pinterest’s potential for driving sales and its ability to beat the social media giant (Facebook) when it comes to sales conversion is no small feat — especially when you consider Facebook topping Pinterest’s monthly active users by over two billion.

Here are the facts:

250 Million People Use Pinterest Every Month

Although it’s relatively low when compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest users spend more money than other social media users. This means there are more purchases going around in this image-based platform compared to the others.

83% of American Women Between the Ages 25 and 54 Are Using Pinterest

Women are the decision-makers when it comes to household purchases, and Pinterest can help your business reach 83% of them. See the potential?

In 2016, 40% of New Pinterest Users Were Male

And this number keeps on growing. Pinterest isn’t just reaching the women population. It’s also really starting to reach out to the male market.

84% of Pinners Use Pinterest When They’re Deciding What to Purchase

Want to make your product or brand an option for shoppers on the hunt?? Pinterest is the way to do it since a huge number of Pinners use the platform when they’re deciding what to purchase.

72% of Pinners Learn About New Brands Through Pinterest

When you want to promote a new brand, Pinterest is an excellent choice for online marketing. Additionally, it has a fantastic sales conversion to help you boost revenue.

98% of Pinners Have Tried Something New That They Found On Pinterest

That’s almost all of the Pinners — certainly proof that Pinterest is a great way to market anything online.

In addition to the details we’ve listed above, Pinterest users are also interested in what’s hot and what’s cool — which means they’re exactly who marketers are looking for.

Furthermore, this social network works quite differently compared to other social media platforms when it comes to users’ behavior. For instance, they aren’t obsessive about the number of followers or the number of likes and shares they get with their pins. It all boils down to whether they like the pin or not.

Many Pinners are simply content in discovering things that interest them, saving them, and then sharing them with small groups. It doesn’t matter how much engagement they get. What most of them find important is that they pin it onto one of their boards so they can easily find it later.

So, even though its total number of users are fewer than other social media platforms, Pinterest’s potential for social media marketing is undeniably huge.


8 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest for Business

1. Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you want people to see the products you’ve uploaded on your online store, you have to, first and foremost, drive more traffic to your website. One way to do that is by talking about it on social media, and Pinterest is an excellent platform for doing this.

Pinned images are easily searchable, and Pinners are eager to save them to their boards. Their followers (or other users) can find it and pin it to their own boards, as well. This increases the pin’s exposure.

The next item on our list is the reason why Pinterest brings more traffic to your page.

2. Every Pin Acts as an Inbound Link

Links are important for SEO. Search engines, like Google, use inbound links as an important indicator of useful content. Thus, it helps make your website more searchable.

Additionally, since every pin acts as an inbound link, once a Pinner finds your pin interesting, it’s easy for them to find and go to your website to check it out.

3. You Can Use Pinterest’s Insights/Analytics

Pinterest’s analytics tool is a great way to find out more about the people who are engaging with your content. From demographics to audience comparisons, Pinterest’s insights and analytics will help your business create effective strategies to improve performance.

Here is some of the information you can acquire through Pinterest.

Top Pins

Pinterest lets you filter out the top pins to help you determine what types of posts work, so you can apply those qualities to your own pins and improve performance.

Historical Data

Do you need to review previous years’ pins or metrics? Pinterest can provide you with the details. Improve your strategy based on this history.


Pinterest analytics provide information about your organic and paid pins so you can see how effective your promotions are in engaging your target audience.


Pinterest analytics also enable you to determine what Pinners are saving from your website.

Website Activity

You’ll be able to check out what types of content are getting the most engagement. You’ll also be able to find out the number of repins, clicks, and website link clicks you’re getting.

Pinterest’s user-friendly analytics can help you a lot when it comes to making smart digital marketing decisions, and they are all available on Pinterest for business.

4. You Can Find Good Information About Your Customers’ Decisions and Shopping Habits

On top of the tools listed above, Pinterest also provides a window to your customers’ shopping habits. This way, you can optimize your website and Pins to improve your audience engagement.


5. It Converts More Browsers to Buyers

Pinterest is an effective way to inspire people to purchase. In fact, Pinterest recommendations impact sales greatly.

6. Pins Have a Longer Life Compared to Facebook Status Updates or Tweets

Unlike the posts shared on other platforms, pins have a relatively long lifespan. On average, about 50% of pin-driven website visits take place after almost four months. Your pin can gain a significant amount of exposure.

7. Consumers Trust Promoted Pins

Studies show that promoted pins have a big impact on brand metrics. Consumers tend to trust promoted pins, increasing brand awareness, improving consumer favorability, and, as a result, increasing product purchases. This makes Pinterest an effective place to spend money on advertising.

8. It Encourages High User Engagement

Engagement means a lot when it comes to social media, but on Pinterest, it provides so much more. For instance, Pinners who repin or click a pin are 1.5 times more likely to purchase something.

Pinterest for business goes way beyond brand awareness and reaching your target audience. It can convert users to customers faster, making it one of the best platforms for selling products online.

Pinterest Best Practices

Know that just opening a Pinterest account isn’t enough to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. So, we’ve listed a few Pinterest best practices to help you.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

If you want to take advantage of Pinterest’s analytics and insights features, you have to open a Pinterest business account, which is entirely different from a regular personal account.

For one, a Pinterest business account allows you to display your business name instead of the usual first and last name. Additionally, you’ll look more professional and you’ll be able to take advantage of Pinterest’s business features, like promoting pins.

Doing it is easy. All you have to do is go to Pinterest for Business, click join, and then fill in your details.


Complete Your Business’s Profile in Its Entirety

Let Pinners know about your brand. Change your username — preferably to your company name or something very close to it, in case someone else is already using it. Change your picture to your company logo to improve brand recognition, add your location, website (and don’t forget to confirm it), and write a short description of your brand.

Remember to add relevant keywords in the about section to increase the chances of users finding you.

Create Relevant Boards

In order for people to find you, you have to — first and foremost — produce content they can view and repin. Aside from uploading pins, strategically creating boards can help with this.

When you’re adding a board to your Pinterest business account, remember to include a clear description and to properly categorize it. In the description, sprinkle in keywords when appropriate.

You can make your board secret (initially) when you’re still in the process of building it, in case you don’t want Pinners to see it while it’s still under construction.

Create High-Quality Content

Once you’ve created boards, it’s time to create content for your brand. Here are some tips.

Size Your Images Correctly

Tall images perform better on Pinterest, because they take up visual real estate, so they catch your audience’s eyes quite effectively.

Optimize Pins

Like with everything else on the internet, keywords play an important part in making your pins shine. One way of utilizing keywords for your pins is to use them in the file names for the images you’ll be uploading. Also, fill out the description and try to add in related keywords (but be subtle about it).

Stick to a Theme

It’s good to stick to a theme when it comes to creating images for Pinterest. This makes it easier for people to recognize you. You can add your logo, stick to a color palette, use the same fonts, etc.

Add a Link to Your Website

Pinterest can drive traffic to your website if it’s optimized correctly. In other words, aside from keywords, you have to add your website URL so people can be directed to your brand’s store or official website.

Add a Call-to-Action

CTAs work. They help encourage people to engage with your post — and Pinterest engagement could quickly convert Pinners into actual paying customers.

Use CTAs wisely. Encourage people to click on your pin, and tell them what they’ll get by doing so.

Choose Eye-Catching Graphics

Pinterest is a visual platform. So, if you want to stand out, you have to choose images that can catch people’s attention.

A 2:3 aspect ratio is recommended when you’re creating graphics for this particular platform. Also, use photos that showcase your brand. Moreover, your text should be easy to read.


Follow Boards and Repin Pins

Doing all the things above can improve your brand’s Pinterest performance. However, if you want people to start following you and repinning your content, you might have to initiate the relationship. Start by following other people’s boards and repinning their content.

Don’t take this social media platform for granted. Pinterest for business, when properly utilized, offers many benefits for your brand, including increased brand recognition and company revenue. Pin away!

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