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Zoho is a popular social media marketing tool. While many agree that the tool excels in most marketing automation areas, it is limited in certain areas. Therefore, a need for Zoho alternatives has been raised. From a more effective sales process to improving customer relationships and a plethora of third-party integrations, we cover the best Zoho alternatives, catering to every business’s needs. 

We also explain the intricacies involved in determining the quality of a social media management tool and explain some of the benefits of social media marketing automation. Enjoy the read!

Why Should You Consider An Alternative To Zoho?

Zoho is a well-known player in the marketing automation and social media management game. Zoho offers a suite of tools designed to enhance marketing efforts, from project management software to contact management, post-scheduling, and automation.

However, every business has unique needs, and what works for one may not work for another. A steep learning curve and limited features in specialized areas cause business owners and social media marketers to look for Zoho alternatives.

7 Best Zoho Competitors To Consider

Here are the seven best Zoho alternatives to help supercharge your business’s social media marketing success.

1) eclincher

First up is eclincher, a platform particularly known for its robust marketing automation features. This tool takes the hassle out of posting your content. But what makes eclincher the number one Zoho alternative is how it combines the power of analytics and social media management in a single, intuitive interface.

eclincher’s unique features include auto-posting with queues, live social feeds, tracking of keywords and hashtags, team collaboration tools, and much more! This ensures that you’re maintaining a strong social media presence and gathering crucial insights into your audience and competitors to help refine your strategies.

If you want industry-leading automation and analytics features, eclincher is your tool.

2) ProofHub

While ProofHub is primarily a project management tool, this doesn’t mean its social media scheduling capabilities should be overlooked. This all-in-one platform for project managers allows for a seamless transition of project management tasks like setting visual timelines and assigning tasks to social media activities like monitoring engagement and managing posts.

The tool also offers custom roles and permissions to improve organizational efficiency between your sales teams and marketing groups.

3) LeadSquared

Moving away from project management tools to lead capture, we have LeadSquared. This tool is ideal for businesses prioritizing lead capture and customer journey mapping. If you’re in an industry where customer acquisition and retention are critical, LeadSquared should be your number one option.

This tool offers unique features like drip marketing, lead capture automation, and customer journey tracking, ensuring you’re getting leads and effectively nurturing them. Think of LeadSqaured as an automated sales funnel that you can customize and control, making it one of the standout alternatives to Zoho.

4) Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a regular addition to our lists because the platform is really good. Like eclincher, it also offers an all-in-one social media management experience.

Before using eclincher, I mostly used Sprout Social because of its analytical capabilities, offering features like customizable reports and real-time monitoring. The tool helped me better understand my audience and performance metrics—two incredibly important pillars in social media marketing.

Sprout Social also offers customer relationship management (CRM) software, allowing your business to connect with your business on a more personalized level. If you’re a data-driven organization or want a Zoho CRM alternative, Sprout Social should be one of your first choices.

5) Agorapulse

Audience engagement is the name of the game for Agorapulse. The platform has features designed to help you manage audience interactions across multiple platforms through its unified social inbox.

Agorapulse is also adept at performing competitor analysis and reporting, enabling you to benchmark your performance against the competition. Overall, if audience engagement and understanding the competitive landscape are your primary objectives, then Agorapulse might be perfect for you.

6) Sendible

Content is king, and Sendible knows it. This platform is designed for businesses that take content curation seriously, enabling multi-channel posting to make your content reach as broad an audience as possible.

It also offers a priority inbox and customizable dashboards, helping you focus on critical engagement metrics and monitor your business’s social media performance.

7) Hootsuite

Last on our list we have Hootsuite. This tool has long been the number one social media management tool before tools like eclincher and SproutSocial came along. Hootsuite offers a range of tools, from bulk scheduling to social listening and team and task management.

Overall, this is a very good social media management tool that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses of all sizes.

What Factors Make A Good Social Media Management Tool?

Whenever I use a social media management tool, I look at a couple of factors. The first is its affordability: is the tool priced competitively with the rest of the market? Does it offer value at that price point? What features does it have? To what business size does it cater? These are all questions I ask myself when determining affordability.

Next, I look at the interface; it should be user-friendly, offering a simple and intuitive interface that enhances productivity and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. I also look at the social media management tool’s integration and support. It should offer support for at least the top social media platforms and content creation platforms, like Canva.

A good social media management tool should offer robust analytics. It should have comprehensive metrics to track and measure your social media marketing performance. This is why I enjoy eclincher so much; it has the best analytics and reporting tools I have experienced in this sector.

I also look at the customizability and scalability of the tool; it should be able to adapt to your needs and grow with your business.

I check the tool’s social media posting capabilities. The tool should make posting efficient, offering features like automation, scheduling, and easy management.

What Are The Benefits Of Automating Social Media Posting?

There are a lot of benefits to automating your social media posts. The most predominant benefit is probably the time-saving element: automation saves almost 15 hours per week, allowing you to spend that time on other essential tasks.

Automation also improves your posting consistency, ensuring you maintain a regular posting schedule, which can also increase your audience’s trust in your business.

Another benefit is that automation helps with content planning, allowing you to plan your posts well in advance and develop a sound marketing strategy.

One of my favorite benefits has to be when you pair the scheduling features with tools like eclincher’s advanced analytics. This allows you to optimize your posting schedule to post at times when your audience is most active, ensuring peak engagement rates.

How Can eclincher Help Automate Your Business?

eclincher is the ultimate social media marketing tool. This tool is designed to improve marketing efficiency while reducing manual labor. For instance, eclincher can help with the entire posting process, from creating and scheduling (at peak engagement times) to automatically posting and managing these posts, saving you time creating and publishing content and making it easier to manage all your posts in one place.

eclincher also offers industry-leading smart analytics, meaning that when you incorporate this tool into your marketing campaigns, you’ll have access to some of the most advanced and accurate insights in the sector. This allows you to outperform your competitors in social media marketing campaigns.

Another great eclincher feature is content recycling. eclincher can identify evergreen content on your social media accounts and recommend you post it again to gain more traffic. These are just a handful of ways eclincher can automate your business, specifically social media marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media management tool offers the most intuitive user interface?

eclincher offers the most intuitive user interface, followed by Sprout Social.

Which tool provides the most extensive scheduling capabilities for managing posts?

eclincher has the most extensive scheduling capabilities. Additionally, Sendible is also proficient at managing social media posts.

The Bottom Line

While Zoho offers a range of powerful tools for marketing automation, there are numerous alternatives to consider. Ultimately, it comes down to the needs per user, but you can’t go wrong with a tool like eclincher. If you are ready to take the next leap in your social media marketing game, contact eclincher. Their dedicated team will help you get started with the tool and show you how to customize eclincher exactly to match your business’s needs.

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