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Automate your blog with RSS feeds

Recycle evergreen content with queues

Curate content with suggested feeds

  • Set it and forget It. We know that professionals and businesses today are pressed for more than time. Bulk upload your content or schedule as you go.


  • We are constantly thinking up automation recipes for our clients so you can save time, increase productivity, and ultimately win on social media with your followers


  • We already integrate with Feedly and other RSS readers, but if you have a link to a blog or other desired content, automate, schedule, and reap the rewards, while growing your followers in our social ecosystem. 
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Empower your teams with collaboration

Standout against the competition

Streamline internal & external workflows

Automate your blog with RSS feeds

  • Easily scale as you grow at a pace that suits your agency or enterprise. Our nimble and award-winning support team is here to help 24/7 so your team can do more with their social media strategy


  • Get there first ahead of your competition with in-depth competitor analysis, mission-critical insights and ranking of top-performing content


  • With a comprehensive & growing set of features at a price you can afford, brands and agencies will be able to augment approval and streamline publishing workflowsto secure content accuracy and set expectations. Give external clients a 30,000 ft view from the top with white label customized links to your visual calendar 

Insights to data driven strategies

Fuel effective marketing campaigns

Build our platform around your brand

  • Comprehensive & scalable, gain meaningful reporting on engagement, growth, approach, and change course when needed and set appropriate benchmarks


  • Built for connection, eclincher is engineered in-house to help you understand your client’s needs at the core by tapping into social media measurement. Tracking your campaign effectiveness can help you connect business objectives with strategy


  • Innovate, customize, & connect through data so you can be strategic, be creative, and authentic with your brand voice 
Agency & Enterprise
Agency & Enterprise

Easily manage customer satisfaction

Automate your content

Integrated with Canva, Wave, & more!

  • A master communication funnel, filter every engagement (like, mention, DM, PM, comment, post to wall, tag, review) into one smart unified inbox for maximum connection, response, and manage your brand reputation like the pro you are


  • Hero features like Auto-posting queues & RSS feeds allow teams big & small to keep their foot on the gas while their evergreen content is safely recycled and your blog and content you care about is automatically posted to the social channels you choose


  • We will keep strategically choosing integrations that help your business scale into our all-in-one platform so you only have to come to one place to synchronize your digital marketing efforts
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