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Social media is a big part of the equation in growing your business especially on Instagram. But how can you be sure that social media will be an effective channel for your brand? What happens if it doesn’t perform as well as expected? 

Or even worse, what happens when you don’t even get started on social media marketing because there are so many factors to consider and not enough time to learn everything necessary before launch day arrives?

And then what if nothing works…

eclincher_socialmedia instagram seo profile theme visual calendar eclincherWho doesn’t want their business Instagram profile to grow? Instagram SEO has been a growing topic of conversation as businesses strive to grow their online presence, nurture their followers, understand what works, and even make sales from social media.

It is quite challenging to have an Instagram business page with heavy traffic as it can be overwhelming for marketers, businesses, and digital marketing agencies to keep up with the latest Instagram algorithm and competing social media platforms. 

Businesses seek to increase their insights about their followers, and who doesn’t want to convert their followers into loyal customers? 

In today’s noisy internet environment, conquering social media platforms like Instagram is an art, and plays a massive role in the growth and development of any business. To increase your discoverability on Instagram in an organic way, the audience must know about the platform, which helps in SEO tips and guidance.

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  1. Take Advantage of Instagram Video
  2. Optimize your Instagram profile.
  3. Include the primary keyword in your display name.
  4. Include secondary keywords in your bio
  5. Treat your hashtags as keywords.
  6. Image Captions Include the use of secondary keywords.

Take Advantage of Instagram Video

With short attention spans, video has become the accepted form of absorbing content. To stand out, you have 8 seconds (or less) to captivate your audience before they keep scrolling. IGTV is a great way to attract Instagram users.

It makes it easy for your audience to consume your content. An individual targets the new followers to engage with the fascination of videos.  

IGTV Unsplash Instagram SEO

IGTV is a relatively new feature that allows your business  to increase the 30-second time limit so that the user gets the full view of your video.

This feature of the video was developed to help Instagram users to visually enjoy and also get involved in the message being sent. Hashtags are used in the video captions and also highlight secondary keywords. The strategy of targeting the public with an increasing list of followers and to get included in the top list of the Instagram searching bar.

Now, you may be asking how this improves your Instagram SEO? The thought behind creating video content is that it is more likely to be clicked on, watched, shared in stories, and over a DM.

This will increase engagement, reach, and other social media KPIs, which hopefully lands you a new client(s). When you become more well-known, your followers will increase. This will create positive traction for your Instagram discoverability. 

Optimize your Instagram profile.

This might seem obvious, but did you know you need to make sure your profile is set up as a business page? Your business Instagram also needs to be set to public. Making some small tweaks will help your Instagram SEO.

After you have taken the necessary steps to become more discoverable the Instagram algorithm can work for you instead of against you. Make sure your Instagram profile image is clear, attractive and relatable to the public and that you have followed any branding guidelines or brand themes for Instagram making sure not to violate any community guidelines. 

  • Name – Username – Bio:
    Think of the search function as like Google for Instagram. Commonly used words in the search section should be used as @usernames and should be recognizable.


eclincher_socialmedia Instagram profile

The username or name should be memorable, brand-appropriate,  and searchable on Instagram. There should be trackable sources such as website links or social site links for your brand, in bio. Most companies have a link in bio, which can either lead directly to where you want to drive traffic albeit a website or a landing page funnel.

It is crucial to understand the mission of your business objective and remove as much friction as possible for your audience to find you. Take these first steps to heart as you begin with the end in mind. Does your theme or brand guidelines carry over? Is everything spelled right? Are the links right? Setting the groundwork builds up your Instagram business profile for success and improves your Instagram SEO. 

Optimize with Relevant Keywords

To start, if you think critically or use a keyword planner you can pinpoint the primary keyword you are trying to optimize for. There are many free tools to use. If you don’t have a tool specifically geared toward keywords, then start with Instagram. Use the magnifying glass to search for a long tail keyword or phrase and see what comes up. 

eclincher Instagram Explore Page 2021

For example, when an Instagram user makes use of the Instagram Explore Page to search for a social media management tool, they might search for the phrase #socialmediamarketing or #socialmediamanagementapps or #socialmediamanagementtool to find creative content on this subject. All the top posts, accounts, tags, and places will show up. If you have optimized for this correctly, then 

Everybody around the entire world is fortunate to connect the platform of Instagram, which appreciates and motives with the help of Instagram insights. It helps the users to make massive connections on a large scale.


Include secondary keywords in your bio

Secondary keywords are related to the primary keywords and are important to Instagram SEO. Secondary keywords include phrases and related topics which move around the orbit of primary keywords. Secondary keywords are highlighted with the help of orange linings.

It promotes the idea of emphasizing the essential keywords in the bio. It helps Instagram users to get additional information to search for the exact requirements. The bio should be fascinating and attractive so that Instagram users target the crucial keywords added. It supports the connections and increases the exposure of discoveries of an individual.

Treat your hashtags as keywords.

Hashtags are not afterthoughts. They are powerful vehicles to make your business or industry more discoverable. Think about what that does for your Instagram SEO.

After optimizing your business profile and upgrading your keywords game relative to your business, the process ahead includes Instagram SEO targeting on uploaded posts. Wow. That sounded so technical.

Basically, you need to use the right hashtags you have researched and want to rank for on social media; in this case Instagram.

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole on social media? You see something that catches your eye or maybe you are targeting a hashtag search. You unknowingly click a hashtag and end up in an Instagram vortex. The next thing you know you have followed 3 new accounts.

social media marketing agency

It is highly important to optimize your posts like you did for your profile. People who aren’t aware of your brand might not find you how you expect. It could be the hashtag, so use your real estate wisely when it comes to Instagram SEO.

Generally, think of hashtags as secondary keywords for your business. Think about your message. Who is your audience? Why do they care? Are your hashtags important to them? They could be if you’ve done your research. Make it count.

Image Captions Include the use of secondary keywords.

Recently, we wrote about how to increase your Instagram followers. We provided a few tips and tricks that you can use to grow your online presence on this social media network.

However, for those who have yet to take action on our advice, here’s another tip that may help improve your discoverability: effective SEO techniques in your captions.

Specifically, you should be doing the same things with Instagram as Google does with its search engine results pages (SERPs).

There has been a lot of discussion about captions especially amongst generations. It is no longer cool to not have a well-thought out caption. You shouldn’t just throw up a bunch of text on the fly. Scroll through Instagram and you will see creative, funny, witty, and thought-provoking captions that make you question everything.

Adding tags and short descriptions in the image captions as well connects your ideas and thus creates the buy-in. Make sure your post captions are relatable and your images make sense to your Instagram theme. Create the vision, tell the story, and use all that you have learned and you will be on your way to increasing your Instagram SEO.


Put these tips into action and focus on your goals. You’ll get there with tenacity, know-how, and some research into keywords. If you looking for tools to help you grow your reach, grow your followers, better your customer service, and get things done on social, then check out eclincher, the only social media management tool and reputation tool extending tremendous value to franchises, marketing agencies, and businesses of all sizes across the globe.

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