Why eclincher is perfect for Agencies

Running an agency of any size can be a very time-consuming ordeal.  You have prospective clients knocking on your door, current clients needing exposure, and past clients looking to re-sign.  Before you know it strikes six, and you are commuting home in heavy traffic thinking about the morning ahead.  Repeat ad nauseam.  What if we could save you time, help you scale, and provide a one-stop-shop for all your social media campaign needs.

eclincher is a complete social media tool for content publishing, post scheduling, social media monitoring, and analytics.

eclincher social media tool

Client Management

eClincher Client Dashboard

With e-clincher you can assign team members to manage specific social media accounts or brands, including separate login credentials.   e-clincher allows an agency to successfully manage multiple clients in one dashboard.  It’s easy like Sunday Morning or rather Monday lunch, to add a client’s: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube channel to their brand profile. Schedule a tweet for Old Spice, and with a click of a button, post an infographic for Chanel.

Which brings me to my next item…


I don’t have to tell you that some posts perform better at certain times of the day, while a post listing delicious Kellogg’s breakfast recipes might lose traction in the evening, a post promoting the latest Burning Man shenanigans might exceed expectations.  e-clincher enables you to schedule a post for any time of day, month, or year.

eclincher post scheduling

Have viral content from the past on a topic that’s trending right now?  With e-clincher you can recycle old content, posting posts you wrote months ago today.  Want to share a tweet this week, and re-share it in the future (e.g. during product launch) you can. What if you want a #tbt( Throwback Thursday) or #fbf (Flashback Friday) series of posts.  e-clincher allows you to upload several posts (via a CSV file), add them to your posting calendar, and publish them on specific days.

e-clincher lets you view your entire month’s worth of social media posts in calendar view or list view, making it easy to see what you have scheduled.  You can also track individual post performance, telling you which content went the distance, and which still needs maintenance.

Unified Social Inbox

eclincher social inbox

e-clincher has a universal inbox where you can see all of your incoming messages and notifications, and respond to your client’s social media interactions, comments, mentions, and new followers, all from one window. You can choose the social media channels/notifications/messages you want to be displayed.  All of your old notifications and messages are archived, and keyword searchable.

You can also tag and organize important items for later reference. E.g. When a client asks about a deadline, you can tag that query, access all the individuals that mentioned the deadline, and follow up with them.


eClincher Analytics Dashboard

So you ran a successful social media campaign for a client thanks to e-clincher, and now the client wants to see the results.  With e-clincher’s in-depth analytics tool you will be able to give a very detailed quarterly report to your client.  e-clincher combines analytics from different social media channels in one simple and inviting window, and goes an extra mile, incorporating Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics (including real-time traffic), LinkedIn company page analytics, Blogger and YouTube into its analytics dashboard.

RSS Feeds and Automation

The e-clincher RSS Feed tool allows you to not only add RSS feeds of your favorite sites but view new content as it’s uploaded. See something you like, share the content or schedule it for a later date.

eclincher RSS feed

You can also automate your RSS feeds with e-clincher, allowing fresh content to be published across all your client’s social media channels. Our Auto Post RSS feature is fully automated and tracks when a post has been published.  (it will never publish the same content more than once)


Between team meetings, client pitches,  and coffee runs, we know you’re busy, right?  That’s exactly why we developed our intuitive mobile app.  The e-clincher mobile app has the same intuitive dashboard as its desktop counterpart (finetuned for the mobile experience) so you can“Post on the Go!”   You’re invited to download the easy-to-use mobile app from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.


e-clincher connects with Pixabay.comGiphy.com, and Canva.com, where you can find images, create and edit images, attaching them to your post.

To sum it up, with e-clincher an agency can:

  • Assign specific accounts or social media channels to team members

  • Post across all your client’s media channels

  • Schedule a post for any date/month/year, or recycle old content

  • Use the Social Inbox, to monitor brand conversations, and quickly respond to them

  • Get in-depth analytics on campaign performance

  • Add and share content from trending RSS feeds

  • Post on the Go with the e-clincher mobile app

Not convinced?, try e-clincher risk-free (no credit card required) for 14 days.


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