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Social media is a powerful medium for businesses to gain a social media presence, brand recognition, and potential customers. However, navigating and having a presence on all the mainstream social media platforms is quite challenging. Luckily, several tools have been developed to make it easier for businesses to use social media. A very effective tool is a social media search tool. We have compiled the top 5 social media search tools as well as some helpful insights on how a social media search tool can help you and your business.

What Is A Social Media Search?

Social Media Search Tools & Tactics

A social media search is an in-depth search of popular social networks and accounts with the aim of collecting information about an individual. A social media search tool is a more efficient way of collecting information – seeing that you do not have to search each individual social media platform. This type of tool collects information from several social networks simultaneously. All this data gathered from the search results are then compiled into a single comprehensive social media report.

Reasons Why People Social Search

1) Search For Business Contacts

A social search is a great way to gather information on potential business contacts. These can be people or businesses you might want to start a partnership with within a different region. Alternatively, it can be influencers who market products very similar to yours, and you want to use them to market your products.

A social search gathers great insights into how well-established these people, businesses, and influencers are. You can look up their Business TikTok and other social platforms! Additionally, the search engine tool compiles a report to help you decide whether it is worth it to partner with these people.

2) Content Inspiration

Social Media Search Tools & Tactics

A social media search is a powerful tool to help you get inspiration for future content. When you use the tool correctly, you can gather very useful information on potential posts and marketing campaigns. The tool can help you understand the social media content your customers are searching for, and you can use this information to create posts to target them directly.

3) Competitor Research

Probably one of my favorite benefits of using a social media search tool. A social media search is much more effective at collecting data and insights into what makes your competitors succeed. Additionally, it also helps you identify what they are struggling with. You can also track social mentions for your own brand!

When you use this information correctly, you can optimize your business model to reach your goals faster. You are able to use strategies similar to your competitors that you know work. You are also able to plan ahead and avert the potential problems your competitors are struggling with – like sustainable scalability and growth. Automatic posting on social media is also a great idea!

Best Social Media Search Tools

1) eclincher

I am a huge fan of eclincher – this tool sets the standard when it comes to social media search tools. I found the analytical reports to be the most accurate of all the tools currently available. It is also much easier to read and interpret. You can use this data to not only gather powerful insights into your competitors but also use it to optimize your posts to boost social traffic and user engagement.

This social media management software is also packed with additional social media management features. Some of these features include:

  • Reputation and Brand Monitoring – eclincher acts as a social media monitoring tool that collects data from major social media platforms on your brand mentions and how people feel about it.
  • Keywords and Trends – The tool shows you the current trending hashtags and keywords. You can then optimize your posts to increase social traffic and user engagement.
  • Content Calendar – Eclincher helps you plan, schedule and post your content ahead of time – boosting time management and productivity.
  • Smart Inbox – The tool collects all your social channels’ mentions, messages, and tags into a single easy-to-use feed.
  • Collaboration – Eclincher makes collaboration between your team members that much easier. The tool helps you to streamline workflow into a single pipeline – making it easier for your team to follow.

2) Ahrefs

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Ahrefs is a great social media search tool alternative to eclincher. Similar to eclincher, the tool also allows you to analyze competitors, find keywords your customers use to search for content and find content inspiration.

Additionally, the tool also helps you track your website ranking and how it compares with the competitors. Finally, Ahrefs also does a full audit of your website and makes recommendations on how you can optimize your website to boost user engagement.

3) SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful platform that not only does social media management but also has marketing, advertising, SEO, social media analytics, and other tools that you can use. Overall, the tool provides some of the best online business analytic tools. However, it can be difficult to interpret, and it takes time to learn all the features, reports, and how they can help you.

The social media management tools include a post scheduler, competitor tracker, and powerful social and influencer analytics. SEMrush also compiles your brand mentions and helps you improve your brand’s reputation.

4) Talkwalker Social Media Search

If you want a tool specifically for analytics, then you should consider TalkWalker Social Media Search. Many marketers use Talkwalker along side one of the top CRM tools! After you enter a specific keyword, the tool will search social networks. Then Talkwalker provides you with powerful insights into mentions, sentiment, engagement, and demographic of that specific keyword for the last seven days. You can then filter this data by country and media types to make it more domain specific.

The tool is free, but you will need to upgrade to TalkWalker Quick Search if you want more features and to increase your capabilities with this tool. These include extending the data gathered from the past 7 days to 13 months and allowing you to compare up to 5 topics as opposed to 0 topics.

5) Tagboard

At #5 we have a Tagboard. This tool also allows you to perform social media searches across all social media platforms simultaneously. The tool, as the name suggests, collects data on trending hashtags and provides you with a comprehensive report on what people are saying relating to the specific hashtag.

The report is easy to follow as it is compiled into a user-friendly dashboard. The tool is free, but if you want to expand your platform’s features to the same level as some of the other tools mentioned on this list, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. We also recommend making a social media marketing hire to run your platforms efficiently!

What Makes A Great Social Media Search Tool?

Several factors influence how good a social media search tool is. However, all these factors need to be combined to perform one task – provide the user with accurate data that is easy to interpret and make decisions that will determine the success of the business.

Suppose the tool you use provides a comprehensive report but is inaccurate. In that case, you might damage your business’s reputation and compromise its longevity. You don’t want that considering how important a digital marketing strategy is in today’s world! However, the opposite is also true, the tool might gather accurate data but lack the means to provide the user with an easy-to-follow report.

Therefore, what separates a good social media search tool from a great one is:

  1. A tool that provides accurate data
  2. A tool that is easy to learn and use
  3. Comprehensive reports that provide the user with a complete picture
  4. Additional features to give it an edge over other platforms and tools
  5. Value, the tool should be priced competitively, and the features should justify its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find someone’s social media accounts?

You can use social media lookup tools to locate people’s social media accounts by username. Alternatively, you can use google image search to locate the person’s social media accounts.

How do I find someone’s hidden social media for free?

You can use social media search engines. First, you need the email address linked to the social media account. Next, you can use Google Sheets, Linkedin’s Advanced Search or DomainTool’s online tools.

What is the best social media finder?

Eclincher is the best social media finder currently available.

What websites are like social finder?

If you have someone’s email address, you can use Google advanced search, Google Sheets, or DomainTools to find that person’s social media account.

Is social searcher free?

Yes, LinkedIn’s social searcher is a free-to-use social search engine.

The Bottom Line

A social media search tool is a powerful tool that enables you to gather powerful insights on customers across several social media networks. These tools can help boost user engagement, analyze competitors, and open doors to new business prospects. However, if you use the wrong tool or use it incorrectly, it can potentially damage your business’s reputation. Therefore, you should get a user-friendly tool that provides accurate and detailed data on social media users – this is why eclincher is currently rated the #1 social media search tool.

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