eclincher Takes Home 25 G2 Fall Awards for 2021

eclincher takes home 25 G2 Fall 2021 awards

Move over Tonys, Grammys, and the Critics Choice — hello G2 Fall Awards for 2021! eclincher is honored to announce we have been awarded a whopping 25 awards this fall from G2 Crowd, an independent software review company.  Social media management is hard work. It’s also one of the most important parts of your marketing […]

A Smart Marketer’s Guide For Repurposing Content in 2022

A Smart Marketers Guide Repurposing Content

The greatest marketing campaign begins with engaging and awesome content that’s uniquely crafted for its audience. But, we all know in marketing creating viral content is not enough especially in B2B environments.  If you’re a business owner, repurposing content may seem like a topic you’re still trying to conquer. Repurposing content can help you increase […]

6 Steps to Maximize Your Social Media Presence: The Right Strategy

6 Steps to Maximize Your Social Media Presence

It’s social media! We’re all social and we want to know what everyone is doing. This blog post will discuss some of the most important social media tips for business owners. It will talk about how you can make your social media presence more effective by following a few simple steps. I’ll also focus on […]

How To Create An Effective Link Building Strategy For Your Next Social Media Campaign

How To Create An Effective Link Building Strategy For Your Next Social Media Campaign

Social media has long been one of the most effective business marketing tools to increase growth, improve customer retention and drive sales.  However, marketers are now integrating their social media accounts with expert link building strategies – and with great success.  Therefore, if you haven’t been using social media as part of your link building […]

How To Scale Your Blog Lightning Fast: 10 Expert Secrets

10 Expert Secrets How To Scale Your Blog Lightning Fast blog banner

Launching a blog is only the first step to growing your business online. But, then what? The next step is to get your audience to SEE your blog and scale your blog traffic, right? But there’s just one problem — despite regularly publishing new content, traffic to your blog remains at a standstill. It might […]

5 Ways to Win on Promoting Your Brand Content

Creating content that provides value to your target audience is challenging enough. You need to detect your audience’s pain points, determine the best format for communicating your message, and then have someone experienced and skillful (if not yourself) to produce it. However, things don’t stop there. If your content doesn’t reach your audience but collects […]

Expanding Your Total Addressable Market With Social Media

    This blog was updated in May 2020. There are 4.2 billion Internet users, and 3.4 billion of them are active on social media. All of those people are using social networks to communicate with each other but also to engage with brands. With this context in mind, clearly social media is an unavoidable […]

Calling All Agencies! How to Best Manage Your Clients’ Online Presence

The digital world today brings us connectedness and convenience but only if it’s well-curated and cultivated – for enterprises of any size, maintaining an online presence is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. About 15 years ago, only a few knew about the Internet and used it. Today, people around the world use it […]

Regramming Instagram Images is AUTOMAGIC With eClincher


Instagram passed 1B active users this year with more than 500M daily active users, and is the third most popular social media channel after Facebook (IG’s owner) and Youtube.  And there are over 8M businesses on Instagram, many taking advantage of the ability for users to shop via Instagram.  Instagram is becoming an increasingly important […]

Only at eClincher – FB *and* Twitter Private Messaging Made Easy

Facebook has surpassed 1.2 billion users of their Messenger interface, and there have been more than a billion messages between consumers and business each month. This means that conversing directly with your customers is both highly likely, and often necessary to retain your customers and attract prospects.  Meanwhile, Twitter has more than 100M daily active […]

5 Examples of Great Holiday Social Media Marketing

Holiday social media marketing campaigns flood into our channels as soon as Halloween is over. So many businesses try to appeal to the general holiday feeling, reminding us that Christmas is around the corner. We start seeing holiday-themed billboards, TV ads, social media campaigns, and emails. And then the music…the Christmas caroling is in every […]

Tips to Effectively Manage Digital Presence for Small Businesses

This blog was updated in March 2021. Reaching out and forging new relationships is critical to any business. It might seem easier to do in person. But, how do you effectively manage your digital presence online if you’re a small business?  With more than three billion people active on social media and growing, these platforms […]