The 10 Best Marketing Tweets From Top Experts

Twitter is a neverending well of wisdom, and it’s an especially powerful platform for marketing gurus. We went searching for bite-sized lessons to help you along your path of digital marketing. Here are the 10 best marketing tweets we’ve unearthed so far. 10 Marketing Tweets From Experts You Need to Read Right Now 1. “Stop […]

17 Marketing Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

How do you keep up with the latest trends, emerging technologies, and innovative tricks in digital marketing? For the best insight, go straight to the marketing experts. Brands need to stay relevant and constantly work to gain a competitive edge. In order to succeed, why not follow the advice of people who’ve already made it? […]

Social Media Basics, Part 2: Twitter Best Practices

The go-to place for over 330 million active users, Twitter has made its way to the list of top social media networks today. Combining blogging, texting, and instant messaging, this platform has so much to offer for individuals, celebrities, and businesses alike. Almost everyone is on Twitter! So, utilizing its features is a great move […]

How To Find Content For Your Social Media

Finding valuable, entertaining, educational, and relevant content can be a time-consuming task. Indeed, social media managers spend hours trying to find material for social media. And it’s important to do that to follow all the industry trends. Today’s markets are highly dynamic and disruptive – things happen fast! Companies that have enough resources to hire […]

CEOs Who Tweet Authentically

Companies have a major role to play in social media, and eClincher is here to help. But at root, of course, we’re talking about something “social”, i.e. between people. A thorough presence is accomplished when employees present themselves personally online in voices that are both authentic and consistent with company objectives and messaging. eClincher recognizes […]

Your Tweet Got Ratioed, What Next?

As soon as a post goes up, it’s natural to obsessively monitor likes, comments, and reposts. There’s rising awareness of the interplay between these different sorts of reactions. “The ratio” is how many comments a post gets compared to likes and reposts — the mathematical formula is commenting/ (reposts + likes). It’s especially associated with […]

Twitter automation changes

Twitter has recently announced important changes to prevent people from spamming or misusing their platform. Twitter doesn’t want people to tweet the same message to multiple accounts to artificially “amplify” it to more people. All Twitter partners will need to make changes to their app to prevent users from spamming Twitter. Although this change may […]

Why Your Twitter Strategies Will Count In 2016

Twitter is quickly becoming the social media hotspot for small businesses. When something happens in the business sector, news spreads like wildfire. If the DOW drops even a point, thousands of tweets get sent out about how the tech crisis is real, America’s economy is going down the toilet and we all need to be […]

How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter is no longer an option, but instead a necessity for businesses. Studies show that nearly 50% of customers expect businesses to respond to tweets within 1 hour. Customer service has always been crucial for business success and Twitter has become the new customer service desk. Creating and maintaining a business Twitter account will improve […]