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Top LinkedIn Hashtags
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LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professional networking and connects individuals with similar career goals. But what boosts your presence on this platform? The answer lies in using relevant hashtags effectively.

Hashtags are a game-changer, especially for those keen on building their brand on social media platforms. They are not just trendy; they’re a strategic tool for reaching a wider, more specific audience.

This blog will guide you through the essentials of LinkedIn hashtags. We’ll get into what they are, how they work on LinkedIn, the top hashtags on LinkedIn for 2024, their importance, and how to find and use them effectively. 

Prepare to enhance your LinkedIn strategy and elevate your social media marketing with the power of relevant hashtags.

What Are LinkedIn Hashtags?


LinkedIn hashtags are unique identifiers composed of letters or numbers that follow the # symbol, like #thisisahashtag or #ThisIsAHashtag

Although they appear differently, they function the same, and the reason for capitalizing each word will be explained later.

These hashtags are crucial for enhancing your LinkedIn posts. They act as labels, making your content more discoverable and increasing views, clicks, and connections. 

When you click on a trending hashtag or search for one among the top LinkedIn hashtags, LinkedIn showcases all the posts associated with that tag.

This functionality is beneficial for users to find relevant content and serves as a valuable tool in LinkedIn analytics, helping you track the performance and reach of your posts.

How Do Hashtags Work On LinkedIn?

How Do Hashtags Work On LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s approach to hashtags is quite like what you see on social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram hashtags

They serve as a tool to categorize content. Using hashtags, particularly trending or popular LinkedIn hashtags, helps users easily find posts on specific topics.

Including these hashtags in your content increases your visibility not only to your immediate connections but also to a wider network of users who might be searching for that topic.

LinkedIn offers a unique feature where you can follow specific hashtags. Following certain most popular LinkedIn hashtags ensures that posts containing those hashtags appear in your feed.

This is particularly beneficial from a marketing standpoint. It means that your content, tagged with the right hashtags, has the potential to be seen by a much larger audience, significantly expanding the reach and impact of your LinkedIn posts.

Top Hashtags On LinkedIn

Top Hashtags On LinkedIn

Hashtags on LinkedIn remain a key trend, with many gathering millions of followers. 

The most successful and best LinkedIn hashtags are typically one word and quite broad in scope, making them versatile and suitable for various businesses and individuals.

This broad scope of the best LinkedIn hashtags makes it particularly effective to use hashtags for business, catering to a diverse range of industries and professional interests.

We’ve compiled a list of trending hashtags relevant to almost everyone on LinkedIn and have many followers. Later, we will discuss top hashtags for several different categories on LinkedIn. These include:

  1. #innovation
  2. #management 
  3. #HumanResources
  4. #digitalmarketing 
  5. #technology 
  6. #creativity 
  7. #Future
  8. #futurism 
  9. #Entrepreneurship
  10. #Careers
  11. #Markets
  12. #Startups
  13. #Marketing
  14. #SocialMedia
  15. #VentureCapital
  16. #SocialNetworking
  17. #LeanStartups
  18. #Economy
  19. #Economics
  20. #socialmedia
  21. #socialnetworking
  22. #venturecapital
  23. #motivation
  24. #sustainability
  25. #healthcare
  26. #education
  27. #design
  28. #sales
  29. #fundraising
  30. #construction

Top LinkedIn Hashtags In Soft Skills And Self-Development

LinkedIn is a great place for finding guidance on career growth and self-improvement. Users often share valuable tips and practices that contribute to professional development. 

You can follow specific LinkedIn hashtags if you’re looking for posts offering this kind of support.

  1. #creativity
  2. #personaldevelopment
  3. motivation
  4. #mindfulness
  5. #inspiration
  6. #selfhelp
  7. #management
  8. #leadership

Top LinkedIn Hashtags In Marketing

Popular Digital Marketing Hashtags

For the latest insights and trends, follow these key LinkedIn hashtags. They’re popular and at the forefront of what’s trending in the industry. 

Knowing how many hashtags to use can be tricky, but including these in your posts will boost your LinkedIn presence.

  1. #digitalmarketing
  2. #marketing
  3. #economy
  4. #economics
  5. #advertisingandmarketing
  6. #strategy
  7. #sales
  8. #contentmarketing

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Managers

The Most Popular Hashtags for Managers

For managers looking to stay ahead in their field, following these trending LinkedIn hashtags is an excellent way to stay informed and connected.

  1. #Management
  2. #Innovation
  3. #Technology
  4. #Sales
  5. #Strategy
  6. #Business
  7. #Hiringandpromotion
  8. #Advertisingandmarketing

Top LinkedIn Hashtags In The Field Of HR

Utilizing niche hashtags on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your industry knowledge and network in the evolving HR landscape. Here are top performing hashtags for HR:

  1. #humanresources
  2. #jobinterviews
  3. #hiringandpromotion
  4. #jobsearch
  5. #jobseekers
  6. #jobopening
  7. #hr
  8. #workingathome
  9. #recruiting
  10. #job
  11. #hiring
  12. #deeplearning
  13. #homeoffice
  14. #culture

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Health

Follow hashtags dedicated to health topics to keep up with the latest health trends and discussions. Here are the top once in this category:

  1. #mentalhealth
  2. #health
  3. #stayhome
  4. #success
  5. #covid
  6. #covid19
  7. #corona
  8. #healthcare
  9. #coronavirus
  10. #sustainability
  11. #homeoffice
  12. #staysafe

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Lawyers

Top Hashtags For Lawyers

For legal professionals, adding relevant hashtags to your LinkedIn posts can greatly enhance your visibility and engagement within the legal community. Here are top ranking hashtags for lawyers:

  1. #Law
  2. #lawstudents
  3. #lawyers
  4. #lawfirmmarketing
  5. #lawyerlife
  6. #lawyering
  7. #lawsuits
  8. #lawschool
  9. #lawenforcement
  10. #lawtech

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Job Seekers

As you browse your LinkedIn feed, you’ll often find connections using the #OpentoWork hashtag. This LinkedIn initiative has simplified the job-seeking process for many.

To maximize your job hunt, it’s crucial to use LinkedIn hashtags correctly as part of your LinkedIn hashtag strategy. Along with #OpentoWork, there are several other hashtags you should look for and include in your posts when seeking employment:

  1. #Job
  2. #Jobsearch
  3. #Jobopening
  4. #Jobposting
  5. #HR
  6. #Recruitment
  7. #Recruiting
  8. #LinkedIn
  9. #Hiring
  10. #CV
  11. #Openings
  12. #Jobvacancy
  13. #Jobalert
  14. #Interviewing
  15. #Jobhunters
  16. #wellness

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Economics & Growth

Top Hashtags Economics & Growth

In the realm of economics and growth, LinkedIn offers a wealth of knowledge and insights. 

The top ten LinkedIn hashtags in this domain can significantly enhance the reach of your LinkedIn post, connecting you with key conversations and trends:

  1. #Growth
  2. #Economics
  3. #Economicgrowth
  4. #Economicdevelopment
  5. #Jobcreation
  6. #Entrepreneurship
  7. #Innovation
  8. #Businessgrowth
  9. #Sustainabledevelopment
  10. #Economicpolicy

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Branding And Advertising

For effective branding and advertising, incorporating branded hashtags into your LinkedIn strategy can significantly boost your online presence. 

This approach is key to using a hashtag strategy to increase reach and engagement, as it leverages the power of targeted, brand-specific tags to connect with a wider audience.

  1. #branding 
  2. #advertising 
  3. #marketing 
  4. #socialmedia 
  5. #design 
  6. #contentmarketing
  7. #digital marketing
  8. #graphic design
  9. #web design 
  10. #branding strategy

Top LinkedIn Hashtags Related Technology

Stay at the forefront of innovation and tech trends by exploring and using these focused technology hashtags on LinkedIn including:

  1. #security
  2. #linkedin
  3. #energy
  4. #fintech
  5. #tecnologia
  6. #blockchain
  7. #marketingdigital
  8. #startup
  9. #cloud
  10. #retail
  11. #aviation
  12. #engineering
  13. #entrepreneur
  14. #management
  15. #machinelearning
  16. #lockdown
  17. #automotive
  18. #digital

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Hiring

Hiring remains prominent among trending LinkedIn hashtags, reflecting its importance in the professional community. Below are some popular variations of this platform that have gained traction on the platform:

  1. #Hiring
  2. #HiringAlert
  3. #HiringNow
  4. #Careers
  5. #HiringInterns
  6. #HR
  7. #Jobs
  8. #Career
  9. #Culture
  10. #JobInterviews
  11. #JobSeekers
  12. #JobSearch

Top LinkedIn Hashtags Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a trendy topic on LinkedIn, evidenced by the massive following of the #DigitalMarketing hashtags. Listed below are some of the top trending hashtags on LinkedIn related to digital marketing:

  1. #DigitalMarketing
  2. #Marketing
  3. #SEO
  4. #SocialMedia
  5. #SocialEntrepreneurship
  6. #Advertisement
  7. #MarketingAndAdvertising
  8. #MarketingCommunications
  9. #Branding
  10. #Storytelling
  11. #SocialNetworking
  12. #MobileMarketing
  13. #Website

Top LinkedIn Hashtags For Startups

Explore these key hashtags on LinkedIn to connect with the latest ideas, trends, and conversations in the startup world.

  1. #startups
  2. #markets
  3. #leanstartups
  4.  #socialentrepreneurs
  5. #startupcompany
  6. #startupquotes
  7. #entrepreneursmindset
  8. #happyfounders
  9. #digitalnomad
  10. #femaleentrepreneur
  11. #sharktank
  12. #Businessmindsets
  13. #Leanstartups
  14. #Crowdfunding

Why Should You Be Using Them?

Why Should You Be Using Them


LinkedIn is an excellent tool for professionals, and using hashtags wisely can boost its usefulness. You could miss many advantages if you haven’t started adding hashtags to your LinkedIn strategy yet. 

These are the parts of the LinkedIn algorithm. Here are some of the reasons why you should use hashtags on LinkedIn:

Discover Job Opportunities

If you’re looking for jobs or networking groups on LinkedIn, try searching for hashtags related to your field.

For example, if you’re a software engineer, using #softwareengineering might lead you to groups like Women in Software Engineering, where you can find job openings, articles, and event invites. 

Following these hashtags and top companies can help you miss exciting career opportunities.

Boost Visibility And Attract Recruiters

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, using the right hashtags in your posts is key. Say you’re new to marketing; hashtags like #marketingjobs or #marketingcareers can help you connect with recruiters and other marketing pros.

Regularly using hashtags specific to your industry ensures the right people see your profile.

Gain Insights From Industry Leaders

If you want advice from the top influential in your industry, use LinkedIn hashtags to boost the visibility of your posts.

Tags like #smallbusinessadvice or #businessgrowth make your posts more likely to be seen by industry leaders, who might offer you some great tips.

Stay Informed And Explore New Sectors

LinkedIn hashtags are great for exploring new sectors or staying up-to-date on current trends. Clickable hashtags, such as #healthcare, open up a world of discussions and insights and can even lead to new business opportunities.

This is super useful if you’re trying to break into a new field or just want to keep up with what’s happening.

Facilitate Meaningful Conversations

Hashtags make it easier to find and chat with people who are interested in the same things as you. Using relevant hashtags, like #marketing, allows you to join in on conversations, keep up with trends, and network more effectively.

Enhance Credibility

Using specific hashtags related to your field, like #graphicdesign, can boost your credibility on LinkedIn. It makes your content visible to those interested in that area, showcasing your knowledge and building trust with your audience.

Pro Tip: To maintain a consistent presence and increase engagement on LinkedIn, utilize a tool to schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance, ensuring your content reaches your audience at the right time.

How To Find Hashtags On LinkedIn?

How To Find Hashtags On LinkedIn

Now that you’re equipped with a great list of LinkedIn hashtags, let’s look at how to find them. 

Explore Content

Explore content

Hashtags are easy to find on LinkedIn. Just scroll through your feed and look at what people are posting. Click on the “Content” tab after searching to see the latest posts in your industry. This helps you spot trending topics and the right hashtags professionals are using.

Analyze Hashtags

Look for posts that get lots of likes, comments, and shares. These are usually the ones with engaging content. 

Take note of the niche hashtags used in these posts; they might be the top trending ones in your area.

LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn Search

Use the Search bar at the top of LinkedIn to find relevant hashtags. Type the # symbol and your topic keyword, and LinkedIn will suggest related hashtags.

For industry-specific tags, check out your competitors’ pages or the “Discover More” page for trending topics in your network. Also, explore LinkedIn’s recommended pages, which often feature useful hashtags.

Industry Influencers

Monitoring what industry influencers post on LinkedIn is an effective way to identify trending hashtags. Influencers typically use popular hashtags to increase the visibility of their posts. 

By keeping up with their content, you gain insight into the hashtags capturing your field’s attention.

Pro Tip: To become an influencer on LinkedIn, focus on creating and sharing high-quality, relevant content regularly to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups relevant to your field is a smart move for discovering effective hashtags. In these groups, pay attention to the hashtags used in discussions. 

Notice which ones are popular and tend to spark conversations among group members.

Engaging in these groups exposes you to the commonly used hashtags and helps you understand the topics resonating with professionals in your industry.

External Tools

There are tools outside of LinkedIn, like Eclincher, that provide insights on LinkedIn hashtags. These tools can show you which hashtags are trending, track their popularity, and give you detailed analytics.

Deciding On The Right Number Of Hashtags On LinkedIn

Deciding on the Right Number of Hashtags on LinkedIn

Figuring out the perfect number of hashtags to use on LinkedIn can be a bit of a balancing act. Generally, using between one and three hashtags seems to be the sweet spot. 

This amount helps your posts reach the right people without making them look spammy or hard to read.

Using more than that might not be very helpful. LinkedIn hashtags are a powerful tool for connecting with others and boosting your LinkedIn profile. 

Their effective use highlights their significance in building a strong presence on the platform.

Creating New Hashtags On LinkedIn

Creating New Hashtags On Linkedin

Creating a new hashtag on LinkedIn is quite easy. Just type a “#” followed by any combination of letters and numbers, and you have a new hashtag. 

It instantly gets its page on LinkedIn. But think twice before you do this. It’s important to remember that every popular hashtag, like #management or #innovation, started with zero followers.

If you’re confident that your new hashtag can gain a substantial following, or if it’s part of a well-supported campaign, it’s worth creating. 

But remember, on LinkedIn, the number of followers a hashtag has is more crucial than just how often it’s used. For small companies thinking of making a hashtag for their brand, it might be better to reconsider. 

The most effective way to build a following for your company on LinkedIn is to use the @companyname feature, which directs people to your company page instead.

LinkedIn Hashtags Best Practices

LinkedIn Hashtags Best Practices

To get noticed and increase your visibility on LinkedIn, it’s important to use hashtags effectively. Here are some best practices to make your content stand out and be more discoverable:

  • Avoid spaces between words in your hashtag. If your hashtag is a longer phrase, format it like #DigitalMarketingForBeginners.
  • Be cautious with the number of hashtags you use per post. Using too many might lead LinkedIn’s algorithm to label your content as spam, reducing its reach.
  • Make sure your hashtag is clear and cannot be misinterpreted.
  • Refrain from using punctuation in hashtags. Punctuation can interrupt a hashtag and limit its effectiveness.
  •  Aim for brief and simple hashtags. The simpler they are, the more likely people are to use them, potentially making them part of LinkedIn’s trending topics.
  •  Always check if your desired hashtag is already used before adopting it for your business or campaign. You wouldn’t want your messages to get lost in unrelated LinkedIn discussions.
  • Incorporate hashtags smoothly into your content and sentences. This approach makes hashtags appear more organic and relatable.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the use of top hashtags on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your presence on this influential platform. Whether you’re a job seeker, a business professional, or someone aiming to grow their network, understanding and utilizing the right hashtags is key.

From discovering job opportunities to gaining insights from industry leaders, LinkedIn hashtags open a world of possibilities.

 They’re not just about following trends; they’re about making meaningful connections, enhancing your content’s visibility, and positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Remember to follow best practices and creative ways to use hashtags properly, understand their impact, and choose them wisely to make your posts more discoverable. 

With this guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the world of LinkedIn hashtags effectively, making every post count towards your professional success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hashtags Work On LinkedIn?

Hashtags on LinkedIn are quite effective. By selecting appropriate hashtags that align with your post’s content and maintaining a professional tone, you can significantly enhance the visibility and engagement of your LinkedIn posts.

Hashtags act as keywords that make your content easier to discover by others who are interested in similar topics.

How Many Hashtags Should I Add?

The ideal number of hashtags per post varies, but moderation is key. Too many hashtags can overwhelm your audience and make your post appear spammy.

A balanced approach is using about 1 to 3 hashtags. This range is optimal for helping LinkedIn’s algorithm categorize your posts without overwhelming your readers.

Do Hashtags Still Matter?

Yes, hashtags help users find and join relevant conversations, leading to more engagement and followers. They’re also great for branding and tracking the success of campaigns.

 Remember, their effectiveness varies across platforms, so knowing the best practices for each is important.

Can I Create My Own Hashtag For My Brand Or Business?

You can create a unique hashtag for your brand or business on LinkedIn. Start with the # symbol followed by your desired phrase. 

However, a newly created hashtag won’t have followers initially and might not attract immediate attention. Building a following for a new hashtag takes time and consistent effort.

Should I use the same hashtags on every post or switch them up? 

It’s beneficial to vary your hashtags across different posts to maintain freshness and relevance. Once you identify hashtags that consistently yield high engagement, continue to include them in your posts.

Remember that the popularity and effectiveness of specific hashtags can change with shifting trends, so staying updated and adaptable is important.

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