What Is A Social Media Aggregator? (Best Social Aggregator Tools)

Best Social Media Aggregators
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We all know how challenging managing your brand’s presence can be, especially if you market on multiple social media platforms. Luckily, a social media aggregator can help, offering an efficient solution to streamline your social media management. When you use the right social media aggregator, you can expect that your brand’s visibility and audience interaction will be greatly enhanced. In this article, we cover all things social media aggregation, from the best tools to how they can help your marketing efforts. 

What Does A Social Media Aggregator Do?

A social media aggregator is a tool that discovers and collects content from multiple social media platforms. The aggregator then organizes this content and combines them into a single feed.

You use social media aggregator tools to display user-generated content on live social walls. These tools are especially useful for discovering and curating high-value content and improving your brand’s engagement. Most aggregators also have other features, such as analytics, listening, and scheduling, you can use to increase your overall marketing strategy.

Benefits Of Using A Social Media Aggregator

Social Media Aggregator

Here is a list of benefits of using a social media aggregator tool.

  • Time-saving: Social media aggregators save you time spent meticulously finding high-quality, engaging content. Instead, these tools automatically gather content from different social media platforms into a single, easy-to-follow feed.
  • Engagement: Social media aggregators boost audience engagement by offering a dynamic and diverse content feed from multiple social media platforms.
  • Brand awareness: A social media aggregator helps increase your credibility and awareness by curating content and only showcasing the best relevant user-generated content.
  • Real-time monitoring: Social media aggregators also monitor all your social feeds in real time – allowing you to stay on top of any situation or customer inquiry.
  • Knowledge: They provide you valuable customer insights into how your customers behave and how they perceive your brand. This enables your business to fine-tune your marketing strategy to drive engagement and increase overall social media ROI.

Best Social Media Aggregators

There are many social media aggregators out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. After rigorously testing a considerable amount, I have determined the best social media aggregators that actually yield results.

1) eclincher

eclincher is truly a versatile social media management platform – not only does it offer the best scheduling and analytical features, but it is also the best social media aggregator.

The tool seamlessly organizes various social media feeds into one manageable place – allowing you to keep up with real-time updates without jumping between multiple tabs.

Additionally, eclincher has some great other features, such as scheduling your social media posts, auto-posting, a social inbox, RSS feeds, and best-in-class analytics.

Overall, eclincher’s ability to streamline social media tasks and increase overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness, all at a highly competitive price, makes it the best social media aggregator and management tool.

2) Curator

Curator is a social media aggregator tool designed especially for content. This intuitive platform gathers all your social media feeds – making content discovery and curation a breeze.

The tool allows you to filter, moderate, and customize the appearance of your aggregated social media feed. Curator supports popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If your social media marketing strategy relies on sharing relevant, high-quality content, then Curator is just the tool you need.

3) Taggbox

Like eclincher, Taggbox is a versatile aggregator that offers customization options, moderation tools, and advanced analytics. The tool not only compiles relevant content from various social media channels but also provides features to create engaging social walls.

Taggbox is a great tool if you want to place emphasis on boosting your brand’s authenticity and credibility. From my experience, I can tell you that Taggbox worked great for me before I completely switched over to eclincher.

4) SocialMediaWall.io

SocialMediaWall resonates with simplicity – the tool is very easy to learn and offers high-quality basic aggregating features for your social media accounts. It supports platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The tool especially excels in creating visually appealing social media walls for events. If you want a tool that focuses on aesthetics and creating captivating walls, then SocialMediaWall is your best option.

5) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a renowned social media aggregator and management tool. It has a comprehensive suite of features similar to eclincher, such as scheduling social posts, monitoring conversations on popular social media networks, and helping you maintain a constant social media presence. Try using a Hootsuite alternative like eclincher instead!

Additionally, when you use Hootsuite’s unified inbox, you can handle multiple social media accounts much more efficiently. Overall, Hootsuite’s bled of social media aggregation, management, and social media analytics make it a versatile tool for businesses of any size.

Other Types Of Social Media Tools To Consider


Here is a list of different types of social media tools that could be used.

  • Scheduler: A social media scheduling tool is probably one of the most popular social media tools. When you use tools like eclincher and Buffer, you can schedule posts across different social media platforms in advance – saving you time and ensuring a constant online presence.
  • Listening tools: Social media listening tools like eclincher and Brandwatch monitors social media platforms for any mention of your brand, keywords, and your competitors. These tools are especially great for helping you stay ahead of trends.
  • Analytics tools: Knowledge is power, and with an analytics tool, you can track your performance of social media campaigns. These tools provide insights about audience engagement, reach, and how your brand impacts your audience. An analytics tool is great for helping you adjust your marketing strategy for higher engagement.
  • Content creation: Canva or Adobe Spark are prime examples of tools that help you create visually appealing social media posts. When you use these tools, you have an array of templates, features, and design elements at your disposal – making it easier for you to create quality and engaging content.
  • Influencer marketing tools: There are a couple of platforms, such as Upfluence, that help you connect with influencers in your particular industry. You can use influencers to leverage your reach and target a broader audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a social media aggregator?

It saves you a lot of time – instead of manually curating content from multiple social media platforms, an aggregator consolidates these feeds into a single interface. In this process, you can manage multiple social media accounts from a centralized platform. You can also track your social media performance and measure engagement rates.

What do social media aggregators cost?

The cost of a social media aggregator varies on the tool and the features. Some platforms offer free plans, but to unlock the full potential of an aggregator, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 – $150 per month.

What are the different types of social aggregators?

There are four main types of social media aggregators, including content, user-generated content, management tools, and event display aggregators.

The Bottom Line

These tools are vital for helping your business in staying on top of its social media channels. Using the right tool like eclincher, with its unified platform, you can promote effective communication, encourage user engagement and make strategic decisions on how to boost user engagement.

To find out more about eclincher, feel free to book a call with their team. They discuss everything from all the features to how you can use eclincher specifically in your niche to drive brand engagement and ultimately create more effective marketing campaigns.

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