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What is a Social Media Marketing Package
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In today’s digital world, businesses always look for effective ways to reach and engage their target audience. Social media management packages have become a vital tool in this quest. These packages offer services designed to enhance a company’s presence on various social media platforms.

Whether it’s through crafting tailored content or strategic community management, these packages help businesses connect with potential clients and customers more effectively. This guide will get into the essentials of social media marketing packages.

We’ll explore what they are, why they benefit your business, and how to create them. By understanding these elements, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the power of social media marketing to grow your business and reach your goals.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Package?

A social media marketing package is a set of services grouped to help market your business on different social media platforms. Usually, these packages come with various services and opportunities, all for a fixed price. Most of the time, a social media marketing agency will charge a monthly fee for these packages.

A typical approach for an agency is to have around 3 to 5 different social media marketing packages available. This gives businesses a few options to choose from. If these don’t quite match what a client needs, there’s often the flexibility to create a custom package.

This way, the services can align more closely with specific needs, helping to impact consumer behavior positively. These social media marketing services are designed to offer businesses a convenient and effective way to manage their online presence and reach their audience.

Why Offer Social Media Packages?

Why Offer Social Media Packages

Offering diverse social media packages is smart for any advertising, marketing agency, or freelance digital marketer. These packages make your services more appealing to potential clients, as they combine both traditional and modern advertising methods.

By presenting social media packages, you show you’re up-to-date with the latest technology and marketing strategies. These social media services are great because they let clients pick what suits them best, fitting their specific needs, budgets, and schedules.

This flexibility is key. For example, a big company with a generous budget might want to spread its message across multiple social media platforms. On the other hand, a smaller business might prefer to focus on just improving its presence on the platform they use most often.

This adaptability makes social media advertising packages a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes, helping you as a marketer to start or grow your social media marketing agency effectively.

Steps To Create Social Media Marketing Packages

Creating and organizing your social media marketing packages correctly can help attract more clients to your agency. Here’s a straightforward approach to putting together these packages:

Steps to Create Social Media Marketing Package

1. Define Service Offerings

Define Service Offerings

Knowing what each package includes is important when setting up your social media marketing packages. Your service offerings should detail exactly what you’ll do for the client.

This can include creating content, managing their online community, conducting advanced analytics reporting, and more. Make sure to list out all the tasks your agency will handle.

Mention Post Frequency

It’s crucial to specify how often you’ll be posting on social media channels for each service level. This varies depending on the client’s industry, their target audience, and what they want to achieve with their social media strategy. You should clearly indicate how many posts you’ll create and share weekly or monthly.

Set Response Times

Define how quickly you will respond to client questions, comments, and messages. This is key for managing expectations and ensuring you engage with their audience promptly. When deciding on response times, consider your working hours, including weekends and holidays.

Determine Campaign Durations

If your packages include social media advertising, it’s important to state how long these campaigns will run. This should be clearly outlined, Whether for a few weeks, several months, or during certain promotional periods.


  • Customize Packages: Customize your packages to meet the specific needs of your clients. This customization should reflect in every aspect, from post frequency to the type of analytics reporting provided.
  • Communicate the Value: Make sure clients understand how each level of service can enhance their social media presence and help achieve their goals.
  • Create a Comparison Chart: A side-by-side comparison of different service levels, highlighting key features, deliverables, and pricing, helps clients see the differences easily.
  • Be Flexible: Offer additional services or tailor packages to fit unique client needs. This flexibility can make your packages more appealing.

By clearly defining service offerings, setting expectations for post frequency and response times, and detailing campaign durations, your social media marketing packages will offer clear value to potential clients.

2. Create Your Packages

Create Your Packages

After you decide on the services you’ll provide, the next step is to figure out how to bundle them into packages. Don’t stress too much about pricing at this stage. Focus on how you can best present your services to clients. Flexibility is key because every client has different social media goals and timeframes.

You also want to offer as many services as possible to each client. More services mean more profit for your agency. But be honest about what you can deliver.

It’s better to excel in a few areas than to offer many average services. If you’re not equipped to provide a specific service, like full-scale SEO or PPC, it’s better not to include it in your packages.

For tasks like video production or social media publishing & scheduling, consider outsourcing. It’s wise to have some reliable tools and partners ready before offering these as part of your social media advertising services. This way, you can ensure quality and efficiency in delivering these services to your clients.

3. Decide on Pricing

Decide on Pricing

Figuring out how much to charge for your social media packages is a big step. A simple way to do this is to calculate the cost of each service you’re offering within a package. This gives you the total cost for that specific package.

For example, if you’re including social media content creation, the cost might vary depending on how many social media platforms your client uses. It’s important to remember that price isn’t the only thing businesses consider when choosing a social media marketing company.

Even small companies and startups want to feel confident they’re picking the right agency. You can help reassure them by collecting positive testimonials and preparing tailored presentations and pitches for each potential client. These steps show that your social media package is about pricing, value, and trust.

4. Create Customized Add-Ons

Create Customized Add-Ons

Making customized add-ons for your social media management packages is a fantastic way to give more value to your clients. In your base package, you might already have services like content creation, handling online communities, reaching out to influencers, and reporting on analytics.

These custom add-ons allow you to cater to each client’s unique needs, making your packages more personalized. Offering a variety of packages or signing clients to long-term deals can also be a chance to give discounts.

This way, it’s more cost-effective for them to buy multiple packages at once. Customizing these packages shows your clients that you understand and care about their marketing needs and goals on various social media networks.

5. Consider How To Display Your Packages

When you’re ready to market your social media marketing packages, think about how you present them. They must look appealing and are easy for potential customers to understand. Be clear and concise in explaining what each package includes. This helps clients easily compare what you’re offering.

Using visuals like logos, images, or even videos can make your packages stand out. If you have extra services that clients might like, add a brief description on your website or social media profiles.

This approach can effectively showcase your social media marketing strategy and the variety of services you offer across different social media networks.

Examples Of Social Media Packages

Examples of Social Media Packages

Once you understand who your clients are, how much they can spend, what they need, and what their team can handle, you must figure out the best package for them.

Making a package that’s just right for each client is one approach. But this can take a lot of time. You’d need to have a detailed chat (a discovery session) with every new client and then create a special contract for them.

To make things faster, you could choose from some custom packages that have already worked well for others. These packages have been tried and tested, saving you time creating something new for every client. This way, you can offer effective social media services more quickly and efficiently.

1. Platform Specific Packages

Platform Specific Packages

This package focuses on boosting a client’s presence on just one social media platform. What’s included:

  • Platform Optimization: Learn and apply the chosen platform’s specific rules and best methods.
  • Custom Content Creation: Create unique content that makes the most of the platform’s features, such as Instagram Stories, LinkedIn articles, or TikTok videos.
  • Follower Engagement: Use tactics to get more interaction from followers. This includes replying to comments, setting up polls, and interacting with other users’ posts.
  • Analytics and Insights: Look closely at the data specific to the platform to understand how well things are going and make necessary changes.

A good example of this kind of package is offered by Cleverly. They’re a top agency for generating leads on LinkedIn and mainly focus on LinkedIn services.

Cleverly Pricing

They provide several packages focused on the following:

  • LinkedIn for finding leads
  • Generating leads through cold emails
  • Paid ads on LinkedIn
  • Creating LinkedIn content
  • Recruiting on LinkedIn
  • Lead generation for others (white-label)

Another agency, Social Media 55, offers different packages for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram engagement, and LinkedIn.

Social Media 55 Services

Choosing a package specific to one platform is a great idea if your agency is knowledgeable about that platform or is part of programs like Meta Business Partners. This shows you’re an expert in managing that particular social media platform.

2. The Complete Social Media Marketing Package

The Complete Social Media Marketing Package

This package is for businesses that want a strong presence on several social media platforms. It covers everything, including:

  • Strategy Development: This is all about creating a plan that fits with the client’s brand and business goals. It involves researching the market, determining the target audience, setting clear goals, and deciding how to measure success (KPIs).
  • Content Creation and Curation: Making and finding content that works for the client. This could include blog posts, infographics, videos, live sessions, etc. The aim is to attract the audience and show off the brand’s values.
  • Brand Engagement: Putting in place ways to get people talking, like answering comments, handling direct messages, and joining in on conversations that matter to the brand.
  • Social Listening: Monitor social media for any mention of the brand and related discussions. This helps to understand what people are saying and respond quickly to good and bad feedback.
  • Performance Analytics: Regularly check how well the social media strategy works by looking at the numbers. This helps to make smart decisions and change tactics if needed.

Take a look at Carrie-Ann’s service page, for example:

Carrie Ann service page

It shows how she offers a full-service social media package and ensures that everything needed to manage a client’s social media presence is included.

3. Industry-Specific Social Media Management Packages

Industry-specific social media packages are designed to meet the exact needs of different business sectors. Agencies that offer these services focus on certain industries, creating social media strategies that connect better with the right audience.

These packages include thorough research into the industry’s current trends and how the audience behaves. Then, the agencies develop strategies and create content that matches what’s needed and works best for that industry.

Flylisted takes a unique approach to this.

Flylisted Real Estate Social media package

They focus on creating brand and content marketing strategies for real estate businesses and clients. Their service is like making a custom-tailored suit for social media plans in real estate. They make sure everything about a client’s brand is understood and lines up well before starting any branding or marketing.

4. Social Media Consulting Package

This package is for businesses or people who need expert advice to create their social media strategy. It’s different from regular management services because it’s a one-time consultation. In this, an agency or consultant creates a full social media plan for the client’s business and goals.

It’s perfect for smaller businesses, startups, or individuals who can handle their social media themselves but need some help to start in the right direction.

Convince and Convert offers a special type of service. They have a “Social Media Marketing Consulting” that doesn’t require ongoing payments.

Convince and Convert Social Media consulting

They make a personalized social media marketing plan for each client. They help clients grow their social media platforms and develop strategies that stay with them for the long term.

This service is useful because it teaches clients how to handle their social media and allows them to get more help if needed later. The higher cost for this one-time service shows how valuable and expert the strategy is.

5. Social Media Package For Visual Content Creation

This package focuses on making high-quality, engaging pictures and videos for social media. It’s designed for businesses and brands that want to boost their online look with great visuals like custom graphics, professional photos, and videos that grab attention.

This package is especially great for niches like fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle, where how things look is important. It’s ideal for retail, lifestyle, and creative services businesses, where eye-catching images are key to getting customers interested.

NOW Marketing Group offers custom packages for visual content.

NOW Marketing Group

They help with planning, photoshoots, making videos, and designing graphics. These packages fit different needs and ensure businesses of all sizes have a strong visual presence on social media.

6. Social Media Influencer Outreach Package

This package helps businesses work with popular social media influencers. It involves finding the right influencers, planning joint efforts, and running marketing campaigns that match the brand’s goals and the influencer’s followers.

It’s useful for brands in beauty, lifestyle, and technology. In these industries, what influencers say can greatly influence what their followers buy.

WebFX provides a full influencer outreach service.

WebFX Social Media Influencer Outreach Package

They choose the right influencers, create campaign strategies, collaborate on content, and give detailed reports on how the campaigns performed. Their method ensures that the influencer’s posts fit well with the brand’s values and marketing objectives. This helps make the brand more visible and engages more people.

7. Social Media Auditing Package

This package is all about closely examining a brand’s current social media strategy. It looks at how well it’s doing and finds areas that can be better. The goal is to make social media marketing more effective and boost the brand’s online presence.

It’s great for any business, big or small, that’s been using social media but isn’t quite getting the results they want. It’s especially helpful for companies that want to tweak their approach to get more engagement, reach more people, and turn more followers into customers.

Flyrise offers a detailed social media audit service.

Flyrise audit service

They carefully review a brand’s social media accounts, point out what’s working and not, and suggest ways to improve. They focus on making the most of each platform, managing time and messages better, and finding ways to get more people involved and interested.

8. Social Media Strategy Development Package

This package helps businesses create a full and tailored plan for their social media. It covers everything from setting goals, figuring out who the audience is, planning what content to post, and deciding how to measure success.

It’s perfect for any business, whether they’re just starting on social media or want to improve what they’re already doing. It’s especially good for those who need a clear plan to make a bigger impact on social media.

Ignite Social Media specializes in turning goals into clear social media plans that you can measure.

Ignite Social Media

They offer services like creating a strategy, developing content, managing online communities, keeping track of progress, and making improvements. They focus on making personalized plans that match the audience and goals of a business with their social media methods and tactics.


Social media management packages are essential for any business looking to strengthen its online presence. Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established brand, these packages offer tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Each package is designed to maximize your digital footprint, from creating visually appealing content to crafting a robust social media strategy. With options like influencer outreach, content creation, and detailed analytics, these packages provide a comprehensive approach to social media marketing.

They enhance your brand’s engagement and reach and align with your specific business goals. Investing in a social media management package is a strategic step toward ensuring your brand’s success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Social Media Management Packages Suitable for Small Businesses?

Social media management packages benefit businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. They help build an online presence without hiring a full-time social media manager.

How Do I Choose the Right Social Media Management Package?

Choose a package based on your business goals, target audience, and budget. Consider the platforms your audience uses most and the content that aligns with your brand. It’s also important to look at the agency’s track record and client testimonials.

Why Should I Invest in a Social Media Management Package?

Investing in a social media management package helps streamline your online marketing efforts, ensures consistent and professional content, and can improve engagement and reach on your social media channels. It’s a strategic investment to enhance your brand’s digital presence and connect with your audience.

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