Why Your Blogging and Social Media Should Align

Content marketing is an approach that’s focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience, and to drive customer action. This includes blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, and e-books. Essentially, instead of simply selling products and services, you’re providing content to people who need help solving their […]

How to Sell Digital Products

Thanks to the continuous rise of social media and e-commerce platforms, selling digital products is more rampant today than ever before. Due to its growing popularity, many entrepreneurs develop these kinds of products to complement their physical items or to completely change their business offerings. However, understanding how to sell digital products is about a […]

How to Keep Your Social Media Going During These Challenging Times

Times are changing rapidly, and this is a first for many of us. Fear and anxiety of what’s next and what’s to come continue to linger. All of our worlds have been rocked in a frightening way. Businesses have closed and we have no real idea when they’ll reopen. We’re avoiding each other and have […]

6 Red Flags in a Social Media Marketing Agency

You’re at the point when your business is gaining traction and you realize you need help marketing your brand on social media. Congratulations! But there’s a problem… You’re no marketing expert. You have no experience in scheduling posts, tracking metrics, driving website traffic, and converting leads. The entire social media process feels so overwhelming that […]

8 Mistakes eCommerce Brands Make Online

Nowadays, having great products, a quality website, active social media accounts, and dedicated employees isn’t enough to bring your business to new heights. You need a well-planned eCommerce marketing strategy to attract new customers, keep the loyal ones, and boost your sales. Unfortunately, many online businesses immediately jump into social media without much thought and […]

How to Increase Your IGTV Engagement

Instagram is a fast-growing platform, evolving from a simple online photo album to an engaging channel perfect for growing a community. At its most basic, it primarily gives your audience access to curated content made up of both photos and videos. But it’s really about so much more than that. While we’ve been allowed to […]

Why You Need to Consider Your Online Business

Doing business online is one of the best options for entrepreneurs and businessmen because of the reach and growth it offers. E-commerce is now a popular way for people to shop and the trend is expected to become more established and grow in the years to come. The advancement in technology and sophistication in tracking […]

The Biggest Trends in Social Media for 2020

Social media is here to stay. With over 2.96 billion daily active users worldwide, marketers believe that it’s an essential part of business. However, it’s an ever-changing space. Brands to know what they can anticipate about the future of social media. It’s vital to be proactive with the changes that are yet to come. We […]

10 Social Media Myths We Need to Debunk Now

Social media has become a massive and powerful channel used by about 3.2 billion people worldwide. So, whether you’re starting your business or already established in your industry, it’s essential that you use social media to advertise your offerings. However, just like a lot of other things in life, social media is surrounded by doubts […]