Why Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy is Important?

Why Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy is Important?

Social media can play an important role when planning marketing strategies. They will help to establish a strong contact with the client, increase loyalty and get user feedback.

However, how do you choose the right platform and why is it so important? Let’s talk about this further.


Remember that posts must be error-free to be highly effective. To do this, use services like Ivory Research, Grammarly, etc. This simple thing will help you avoid typos and make the text presentable. How to choose the right social media platform for business?

Why Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy is Important?


Define your target audience

If you want to be successful at anything without understanding who your target audience is, it’s next to impossible.  Therefore, before you start promoting on social networks, you must make sure that you really know your consumers.


 Simple demographic criteria is not enough, you need all sorts of details.  What are the representatives of your target audience interested in, their desires and experiences, etc.


 To do this, develop a consumer avatar.  There may be several.  Consider the example of the product “Integrated promotion in social networks”:


  1. Occupation: Flower boutique owner
  2.  Residence: Florida.
  3.  Goals: Joe wants to get a steady flow of customers from social networks, increase profits and customer loyalty.
  4.  Values: Joe is convinced that his mission as an entrepreneur is to provide customers with a quality product (flowers), thus improving their mood and sharing pleasant moments with them.
  5.  Sources of information: Books: Clients for life (Carl Sewell, Paul Brown), Conferences: Floriexpo, various thematic communities for business and floristry.
  6.  Problems: Joe does not have the necessary knowledge in the field of social media to set up a sales flow.
  7.  Pain points: Competitors have long mastered this channel of promotion, and if you delay, then it will not be possible to implement your plan, competition will increase.
  8.  Objections that arise during the decision-making process: I will waste money, I will come across an unscrupulous contractor, this may be unprofitable for me.

Remember, the more information you learn, the better.  Only detailed research will allow you to choose the right platforms and create a truly effective marketing strategy.


 Otherwise, you run the risk of spending a huge budget on social media promotion without getting the expected results.

Find out what your social media business is about

A social media profile should be part of a unified marketing strategy.  Do not unknowingly create accounts on certain platforms.  Instead, be clear about the purpose of your presentation.  Among the main goals:


  • Increasing brand awareness and knowledge.
  •  Increasing sales.
  •  Support and development of loyalty.


Determine why you need a social media account before registering one.  In the future, this can provide you with stable growth and development through this channel.


 For example, the goal of Coca Cola’s representation is more of an image one.  Since there is no opportunity to purchase brand products in the account.

coca cola instragram profile

While the well-known clothing brand Bershka has this opportunity right in the post.  And also in the profile header, there is a link to the online store.

Bershka Instagram profile

Find the location of your audience

Choosing the right platform allows you to make your social media activity as effective as possible.  Please note that although your target audience may have accounts on all platforms, you need to find the one that they really use and where they are active.

 Thus, a member of Generation Z may have a Facebook account, but spend a lot of time on Tik Tok.

№1. Instagram

Instagram is a platform preferred by a younger audience, just be aware there is an Instagram rate limit. If your target audience is millennials and generation Z, then welcome.  Quality visual content is valued here.

 Therefore, it will become the best platform for designers, photographers, wedding dress salons, and all businesses that can be represented through attractive photos.

№2. Facebook

It’s a very large social network in which an adult audience is more active.  Facebook is typically used to keep in touch with friends and family.  Therefore, moderately selling content works best here.

№3. Twitter

If your key goal of social media exposure is to increase brand awareness, then Twitter can be an effective channel.  The platform is great for tracking opinions, finding different stories, and supporting real-time consumer experiences.

№4. LinkedIn

Professional social network LinkedIn.  Good for networking, finding new clients in the B2B sector, as well as hiring employees.  The core of the target audience is people aged 30 to 49 years.


This is a visual social network, most of its users are women.  For representation here, you need to take care of attractive visual content.  The most popular topics that are saved are bow making ideas, recipes, etc.

№6. YouTube

If you want to start running your YouTube, you will definitely need to take care of creating professional videos.  Here, useful content in the form of instructions is especially appreciated.  Perfect for a variety of business areas.  However, it is best used to sell various services.

№7. TikTok

It is a social network with an active audience aged 18 to 24.  She is often chosen to promote businesses in the field of beauty, fashion, art, retail, etc. The content type is short videos. 

Define the content type

In order to choose an effective type, you must be guided by several things:

  1. Placement platform.  Each social network has its own specifics of the content.  It has its own requirements for image/video sizes or text.  Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the requirements of a particular site.
  2.  Features of the target audience.  Different consumer groups like something different.  To develop successful content, you need to know what has the potential to grab users’ attention.
  3.  promotion goals.  Depending on your social media presence goals, you may need to use certain types of content.  For example, UGC (user-generated content) or expert content is great for building trust.  To increase engagement – interactive and so on.

For example, UGC:

nyxcosmetics instagram post



Interactive example:

Why Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy is Important?


Learn which social networks and how direct competitors use

You should never lose sight of competitors.  This also applies to social networks.  Along with all the above points, you should do a competitor analysis.  This will allow you to really assess the situation and take it into account in the process of choosing the right platform and developing a strategy.

 So, it will be useful to know which platforms your competitors are using, the types of content they are using, and which posts are getting the most engagement.

 Also, you must remember that we are studying this information, not for the sake of inheritance, but in order to understand what is happening in the market.

Connect the acquired knowledge with your marketing goals

Now that all the necessary information has been collected, use it for the benefit of developing your business.  Make sure social media is part of your marketing strategy.  In this way, you will achieve synergy.  Each channel will complement the other, solving the set goals.


The list of social networks is growing rapidly.  Find channels that are popular with your potential customers, where they will consciously shop and engage with your brand.  Use it to create a social media strategy and solve your business challenges!

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